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finals, art projects for online store and back to kenya

UGANDA | Wednesday, 24 March 2010 | Views [590] | Comments [1]

Today is the big day, im travelling on back to the rehlm of luos. Im an hour or so away from boarding the bus to kisumu and I sit here meditating on the adventures ive spend here in Uganda. They’ve been more memorable and extreme with their filling of love and laughter than I could ever imagine. It was a sad moment as I had to say farewells today to my family here.


I walked the kids to school this morning at 7am and filled their empty bellies with sweets I bought since I knew they wouldn’t b eating until they finished school at 5pm that night. This simple daily routine for them reminds of how my life is filled with so many “for grantids”. Can we imagine sending our children to school where they are expected to learn for 10hours on an empty stomach. I think its considered child abuse in America…here its simply life. But you’ll never hear a complaint and this is a special gift of humble behavior ive found so inspiring in my kin family here. Smiling is just a way of being, its not an effort.


Anyway I have enjoyed the last few weeks immensely as it has been graduation season for the university kids. What I was able to realize just how effective kin initiative is on the local communities here. Two of the graduation parties I went to, focused their 6hour thankyous on giving praise to the kin initiative organization and Uncle ben who not only paid for school fees, but also guided them to a healthy and stable lifestyle leading to their success. They continually said Webele nyo nyo nyo Uncle ben, meaning thankyou  thankyou very much uncle ben which was nearly the only part of the speeches I understood in the Lugandan speeches. But it was inspiring to see a 24year old boy kneel at Uncles feet unable to talk as he cried in gratitude for the compassion shown to him by Uncle who was the guest of honor at the gathering. I really feel blessed even more now at my ability to join this wonderful family that provides such strength to our youth.


At the party I will admit to feeling somewhat like a star. Although I didn’t know the graduates, often I was announced over the microphone…”we have a mzungu here” they would thank me and then I would dance. Dance til dawn seems to b their theme as hired djs and sound system blast Uganda beats for the crowd of babes, youth, and adults alike who just want to celebrate their pride in the efforts. I know it may be difficult to understand such an extravagant even in the midst of such poverty, but then I guess you have to consider who much education really means to these people. One who is able to achieve a degree is seen almost as community leader and figure to be admired and so they spend much time organizing large events for the whole community to celebrate….educate an individual and you effect and entire population. I am in love with this way of life. Appreciation is really so important in this world and I give thanks for the ability to learn such lessons as I have so far and will continue to later on.

for anyone interested in the online art store, we have now created a section where we are selling the children and kin family art work to raise  money for school fees and food stuffs. check it out even if you dont want to buy anything i would love for you to see the talent they have for artistic touch. none of the art carries a price we only ask you give what you can and are willing to share. thanks for the love



Just walking to the café I passed “govindas pure vegetarian foods restaurant and catering” for all the eugenians I know you can appreciate this rare business, so I think I am going to head over and check out their African style inventions. This will be my first time eating out in a Uganda restaurant…a good way to leave the country.


After Kenya im off to mt. kilamanjaro region and then to Zanzibar, the number 1 island in east Africa and the land without electricity. Im so excited! Peace to all and much love.


My thankyou prayer again:







Yewo Chemene

Yoko Ke



On Jaaraama



Ero Kemano

Asante Sana

Webele Nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Kena,

I cannot believe how far away you are from our little damp city here in Oregon! - although it has not been so damp this year as other years. I am always blown away by your stories. Why are the children not given breakfast before school? Is there simply not enough food? I am so glad you were there to bring a little love, compassion and creativity into their lives.
I have now graduated from the University of Oregon and am waiting for Rob to finish up the weatherization program at LCC before we start off on our own adventures.
Keep in touch and enjoy each day
With love,

  lindsay Mar 25, 2010 3:15 AM

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