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Where's Jonny? Care to dine with me? You would think that 11 years of daily food tasting for a living might put me off?......au contraire! Chomp away with me across 6 continents. Seduced like a bloodhound to the scent of good food, I anticipate the misty waft of steaming broths, the satisfying crunch of mudbugs and the vibrant aroma of freshly pulverised lemongrass. Buon appetito

The world's adrenaline capital

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 21 Jul 2007 | Views [1775] | Comments [2]

The most lethal sport in New Zealand is skydiving. Its SO dangerous (and I quote the promotional leaflet,) that there's a, " departure" every hour. No chance I'll be going on that one then. A death every hour seems like very bad odds indeed.... Read more >

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Gallery: My preccccccious New Zealand

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 21 Jul 2007 | Photo Gallery

Hobbits are real
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The best YHA in the world?

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [2244]

Stale sweat, skids on the bedsheets, threadbare carpets, cheap pasta cooked to death and pot noodles all spring to mind when discussing hostels.  Most follow this business model - but not this one.  True to its name....."Smylies" YHA in Springfield ... Read more >

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Donuts, skiing and crustal movements

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | Views [1688]

What do Homer Simpson, Skiing and crustal collisions have in common? The answer is, they are all features of New Zealands South island. "Hold on," you say, "surely Homert Simpson is a Yank?" Indeed he is, BUT we're in the Town ... Read more >

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When Jonny met Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007 | Views [859]

We met after I had travelled 4 weeks north in a Camper van. I was lightly tanned but Sydney was a bit cold and unfortunately quite windy. Sydney is young, exciting, clean shaven and very well connected. The air he harbours is fresh from the ocean.... Read more >

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A world of ironies

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 | Views [1033]

A severe weather warning was issued for Sydney on the day we were due to fly in from Cairns.  90kmph winds were forecast on the breakfast news.  The toast dropped from my unclenched jaws as I pondered the "plane" terror to come. Mid-afternoon ... Read more >

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Bites along the Bruce

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [1486]

With a heady mixture of Tiger balm scent and "au de bumcrack" the skull emblazoned van was returned to the Cairns depot.  Despite the atrocious weather that every Aussie on the way said, " was well out of the ordinary mate " we ... Read more >

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Campsite kidnappings

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | Views [864] | Comments [1]

I have a theory that women are held against their will in campsite amenity blocks.  What,  other than abduction would warrant an entire morning in a bathroom?   So when Maria told me she was off for a shower I knew there was time to spare. Maybe I'd ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

and the weather today is....(part 2)

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | Views [1011]

......arriving in Cairns after 12 thousand miles of non-stop sugar cane plantation the sun seemed to want to reveal itself. It did...........for 5 measeley minutes..........then returned like a spoiled child behind grey clouds. While most travellers ... Read more >

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and the weather today is....

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 23 Jun 2007 | Views [990]

the same as its been the last 3 weeks.  RAINY, GREY and COLD! I've taken to wearing my underpants on my head at night (Bill Bryson style) to keep warm.  I've surprised Maria in the night a few times when they have fallen over my face and my nose has ... Read more >

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Aussie campsites - Dos and Dont's

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 23 Jun 2007 | Views [1638]

If you're hiring a campervan like me you'll need to stop somewhere decent.  Here are some tips from my travels in a "Wicked" van Do's and Dont's Do 1.Ask for a site close to the amenities block unless you want to walk in total darkness looking ... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

Hells own road trip

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 18 Jun 2007 | Views [966]

A bloke called, "Bear" in Brisbane rented us a "Wicked" van.  Some bright brisbanite is purchasing small white vans and cleverly making them into "camper" vans.  Each come with its own spray paint design on the sides.  We ... Read more >

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Dog gone wild - Charms and harms of Fraser Island

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Views [2562]

The May 2007 edition of National Geographic features an article on Bulldog ants which can ONLY be found in coastal parts of eastern Australia. These fearsome insects (part wasp/part ant) are 2 inches long, have a red body with black lower abdomen and ... Read more >

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Tim Tams, Vegemite and bush turkeys

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 16 Jun 2007 | Views [1853]

The ex-girlfriend arrived in Singapore for a 30th Birthday rendezvous (hers not mine) so I cunningly booked a boutique hotel called, "The Scarlet," as a surprise.  It was certainly a surprise to me when they showed me the price list (200 pounds ... Read more >

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Gallery: Dining down under

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

I couldn't give a XXXX for fast food
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To Hawk or not to Hawk?

SINGAPORE | Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | Views [1410] | Comments [2]

...that is the question my fellow culinarians.  The National museum opened my eyes to the possibilities of "HAWKING." (and I don't mean Stephen Hawking by the way)  If you want to eat well and you're on a budget, learn to "HAWK"... Read more >

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Hugh Grant on rollerblades

MALAYSIA | Monday, 28 May 2007 | Views [2139] | Comments [1]

Jets of fog spewed from the ceiling and 90s dance music thumped from huge speakers.  A stumbling westerner, arms flailing, attempted to get to grips with his in-line skates at the roller disco.  Stumbling around like a baby deer, I must have looked like ... Read more >

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The world's weirdest drink?

MALAYSIA | Friday, 25 May 2007 | Views [1537]

Most westerners find "particles," of anything in their drinks to be off-putting.  Indeed, I even know of people who purchase Tropicana smooth because they fear the natural orange pieces in the drink!  (they are the weirdos I say)  However, ... Read more >

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Gallery: Mouthwatering Malaysia

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 25 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

I'm on 24 hour Bat-Watch
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The man, the mystery, the Empire

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 23 May 2007 | Views [878]

For just one day I yearn to be where I am now but 100 years ago.  Sauntering Singapores streets in the well preserved Colonnial district I ponder the glitz and glamour, the Victorian garb, the pomp and ceremony, the port and cigars, the gentlemanly manners, the ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

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