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Where's Jonny? Care to dine with me? You would think that 11 years of daily food tasting for a living might put me off?......au contraire! Chomp away with me across 6 continents. Seduced like a bloodhound to the scent of good food, I anticipate the misty waft of steaming broths, the satisfying crunch of mudbugs and the vibrant aroma of freshly pulverised lemongrass. Buon appetito

Trip: Singing in Singapore

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To Hawk or not to Hawk?

SINGAPORE | Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | Views [1437] | Comments [2]

...that is the question my fellow culinarians.  The National museum opened my eyes to the possibilities of "HAWKING." (and I don't mean Stephen Hawking by the way)  If you want to eat well and you're on a budget, learn to "HAWK"... Read more >

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Gallery: Mouthwatering Malaysia

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 25 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

I'm on 24 hour Bat-Watch
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The man, the mystery, the Empire

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 23 May 2007 | Views [905]

For just one day I yearn to be where I am now but 100 years ago.  Sauntering Singapores streets in the well preserved Colonnial district I ponder the glitz and glamour, the Victorian garb, the pomp and ceremony, the port and cigars, the gentlemanly manners, the ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Swinging through Singapore

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 19 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

Call me Tiger
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Fasten your seatbelts

SINGAPORE | Friday, 18 May 2007 | Views [1013]

There were many sad Vietnamese girls in Saigon this morning when they heard I was leaving, but like Californias governor, "I'll be back!"  Vietnam has been my favourite country so far.  Its culturally rich with amazing people, phenominal girls, dramatic ... Read more >

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