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Where's Jonny? Care to dine with me? You would think that 11 years of daily food tasting for a living might put me off?......au contraire! Chomp away with me across 6 continents. Seduced like a bloodhound to the scent of good food, I anticipate the misty waft of steaming broths, the satisfying crunch of mudbugs and the vibrant aroma of freshly pulverised lemongrass. Buon appetito

New Zealand

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Maoris, Moustaches and Manuka

Friday, 17 Aug 2007 | Views [1037]

We looked 50 feet into the volcanic crater, its grassy sides rippled like an ancient sunken souffle.  With 360 degree panoramas over Auckland, Mount Eden is the highest of 48 volcanoes in the city. I was just positioning Maria for the, ¨crawling from a ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Witnessing Sodom

Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 | Views [896]

Even from the small gravelly car park our souls were in peril. Whispy hands of white sulphorous gas ebbed at our feet like a scene from, "The Fog."   Ominous clouds of white rose around our bodies. The playwright James Bernard Shaw named ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

I took the wild food challenge

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [2902] | Comments [1]

Yes, I've crunched cobra in Cambodia and munched mouse in the Mekong but the wild food I refer to here is one of less extremes. I am a staunch advocate of game.  Full of real flavour, free range, organic, low in fat, it's the antithesis of all that ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

My Taupo Trout recipe

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [1326] | Comments [1]

Amaze/frustrate your backpacker bretheren with my simple trout recipe. The rainbow trout I used were smoked but you could easily use poached trout or even salmon. Serves 1 hungry backpacker. Ingredients Portion of egg noodles - boiled for 2 minutes ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Gone Fishing....at last

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [892]

Tumbling white rapids bounced and spat as I cast my fly across the current.  Gusty winds made conditions difficult, but once sunk, my hare and copper lure danced along the stoney river bed enticingly.. Dressed in chest-high neoprene waders, the clarity ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Searching for Quad

Saturday, 4 Aug 2007 | Views [856]

New Zealand is a bizzare country of Capitals. In an attempt to encourage tourism across its small townships the government has coached folk to create their own USP. "Gore," for example is the self procalimed, "brown trout capital of ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline

Ginger potion cures motion on ocean

Saturday, 4 Aug 2007 | Views [1470] | Comments [1]

The thing about throwing up amongst 1600 ferry passengers is that its impossible to do it quietly. Interislander ferries describe the trip from Picton in the south island to Wellington in the north as a, "breathtaking journey."  This is no ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles

Seals, sandflies and sea kayaks

Monday, 30 Jul 2007 | Views [1504]

"Beware the hideous biting sandflies of New Zealand," warns Sir Ian McKellan in the Lonley Planet guide.  We relaxed in the knowledge that the icy weather was way too cold for their bloodthirsty mouths. Not so....for in a place known as Milford ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

My itch to Twitch

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | Views [901]

Trying to shoot a partridge using a shotgun is tricky business - shooting an Albatross with a camera is even more challenging. I'm gaining a lot of satisfaction photographing wild birds - even though I don't get a tasty dinner at the end. Colourful ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

Hobbit Habitat

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007 | Views [1277]

When my trip began in South Africa I recall a chap in Cape Town asking us in all sincerity if Hobbits where a real race of people. He assumed that the films were shot in England and that we were part of the cast. (actually I'm not that short) We ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

The world's adrenaline capital

Saturday, 21 Jul 2007 | Views [1775] | Comments [2]

The most lethal sport in New Zealand is skydiving. Its SO dangerous (and I quote the promotional leaflet,) that there's a, " departure" every hour. No chance I'll be going on that one then. A death every hour seems like very bad odds indeed.... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline

The best YHA in the world?

Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [2244]

Stale sweat, skids on the bedsheets, threadbare carpets, cheap pasta cooked to death and pot noodles all spring to mind when discussing hostels.  Most follow this business model - but not this one.  True to its name....."Smylies" YHA in Springfield ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Donuts, skiing and crustal movements

Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | Views [1688]

What do Homer Simpson, Skiing and crustal collisions have in common? The answer is, they are all features of New Zealands South island. "Hold on," you say, "surely Homert Simpson is a Yank?" Indeed he is, BUT we're in the Town ... Read more >

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