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Where's Jonny? Care to dine with me? You would think that 11 years of daily food tasting for a living might put me off?......au contraire! Chomp away with me across 6 continents. Seduced like a bloodhound to the scent of good food, I anticipate the misty waft of steaming broths, the satisfying crunch of mudbugs and the vibrant aroma of freshly pulverised lemongrass. Buon appetito


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A cracking Birthday

USA | Monday, 29 Oct 2007 | Views [1130]

The fog in Ogunquit, Maine, was so think that the local diners were using it to top their sundaes.  I peered outside, barely able to see the maple tree which grew next to the window.  This was dense. Despite the visability of a James Herbert novel I ... Read more >

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A big kids party

USA | Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007 | Views [2396] | Comments [1]

American food never fails to make me smile.....laugh actually.  It's just like a kids party without the balloons.  We're struggling in New England.........Nachos on EVERY menu, fizzy re-fills, (in restaurants touted as "fine dining") cheese, ... Read more >

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Care for Guinea pig?

PERU | Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [2484]

Cuy al horno (roasted guinea pig) must be one of Peru's most famous or notorious dishes depending on your viewpoint.  It is however, a delicacy found mainly in the Highland regions, so don't go ordering it in Lima unless you want to eat some kids pet.... Read more >

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Getting into a stew

BRAZIL | Sunday, 30 Sep 2007 | Views [1491]

"Feijoada," could be classed as Brazils National dish.  A rich pork and bean stew traditionally eaten at weekends, it reminded me of the Sunday roast Brits used to sit down for. Even today, many restaurants only serve the dish on a Saturday, ... Read more >

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Grape expectations

ARGENTINA | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Views [1242]

Americans would hate red wine tasting.  Swirling a staining liquid around those pristine gnashers would render the, "Hollywood smile," useless. That said, Napa Valley in California could well be next on my wine trail after South Africa, New ... Read more >

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It´s not all Bull, just most of it - Notes on Argentine food

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 30 Aug 2007 | Views [2177] | Comments [2]

Roaming prides of lions in the Serengetti eat less meat than these carnivores. Those who know me, are aware of my reluctance to have eaten British beef for some years.  Paranoia or not, I felt compelled to indulge in beef here or forsake the basis of ... Read more >

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Heads of animals to Heads of State

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 23 Aug 2007 | Views [986]

Doctors recommend a light walk after a plane journey and there^s nothing more poigniant than a saunter round a graveyard after a flight that nearly put you in one. Not just any graveyard.  The cemetario in the bohemian district of Recolleta, Buenos ... Read more >

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Everyone`s kissing in Chile

CHILE | Monday, 20 Aug 2007 | Views [1464]

Paris is SO last season.  There`s clearly something in the Andean air of Chile and its not just pollution. It appears that Santiago is the new place to "elope by the slopes." The snow capped mountains may be minus 40 but the temperature in ... Read more >

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I took the wild food challenge

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [2984] | Comments [1]

Yes, I've crunched cobra in Cambodia and munched mouse in the Mekong but the wild food I refer to here is one of less extremes. I am a staunch advocate of game.  Full of real flavour, free range, organic, low in fat, it's the antithesis of all that ... Read more >

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My Taupo Trout recipe

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [1398] | Comments [1]

Amaze/frustrate your backpacker bretheren with my simple trout recipe. The rainbow trout I used were smoked but you could easily use poached trout or even salmon. Serves 1 hungry backpacker. Ingredients Portion of egg noodles - boiled for 2 minutes ... Read more >

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The best YHA in the world?

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [2530]

Stale sweat, skids on the bedsheets, threadbare carpets, cheap pasta cooked to death and pot noodles all spring to mind when discussing hostels.  Most follow this business model - but not this one.  True to its name....."Smylies" YHA in Springfield ... Read more >

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Bites along the Bruce

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Views [1560]

With a heady mixture of Tiger balm scent and "au de bumcrack" the skull emblazoned van was returned to the Cairns depot.  Despite the atrocious weather that every Aussie on the way said, " was well out of the ordinary mate " we ... Read more >

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Tim Tams, Vegemite and bush turkeys

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 16 Jun 2007 | Views [1946]

The ex-girlfriend arrived in Singapore for a 30th Birthday rendezvous (hers not mine) so I cunningly booked a boutique hotel called, "The Scarlet," as a surprise.  It was certainly a surprise to me when they showed me the price list (200 pounds ... Read more >

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To Hawk or not to Hawk?

SINGAPORE | Monday, 4 Jun 2007 | Views [1480] | Comments [2]

...that is the question my fellow culinarians.  The National museum opened my eyes to the possibilities of "HAWKING." (and I don't mean Stephen Hawking by the way)  If you want to eat well and you're on a budget, learn to "HAWK"... Read more >

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The world's weirdest drink?

MALAYSIA | Friday, 25 May 2007 | Views [1607]

Most westerners find "particles," of anything in their drinks to be off-putting.  Indeed, I even know of people who purchase Tropicana smooth because they fear the natural orange pieces in the drink!  (they are the weirdos I say)  However, ... Read more >

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The worlds best diet? a synopsis of Vietnamese food

VIETNAM | Thursday, 17 May 2007 | Views [5224] | Comments [1]

A monk (Nguyen Thanh Nam) living on an (Pheonix) island in Ben Tre province survived for 81 years eating and drinking coconuts alone!!!!!  "Poor bugger," I thought, he must have been a regular vistor to the toilet....but what an age!  I can ... Read more >

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The best meal yet?

VIETNAM | Sunday, 13 May 2007 | Views [1196]

Ben Tre in the Mekong is the coconut capital of Vietnam.  I can testify that the coconuts I drank there were the best in Asia.  On the day I arrived I met "Hung," (and no, his surname was not "Low.")  He would be my guide for the ... Read more >

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Rat for two - How romantic!

VIETNAM | Friday, 11 May 2007 | Views [1319] | Comments [1]

" I would like to eat local food please ," I said to my (female) Vietnamese guide jotting notes in my book as we ate.  It was 7.45am in the already bustling Vinh Long market and we were eating steaming bowls of Bun bo hue.  "Boy, thats ... Read more >

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Shot in Vietnam

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 9 May 2007 | Views [910]

After several late nights with Thai and Tom, scootering, drinking Saigon beer, eating boiled peanuts on bridges and riding boats on the Mekong I was looking forward to a lie in. At 8am there was a knock on my door.  Opening it in my boxers, it was Thai ... Read more >

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Thai in Vietnam

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 8 May 2007 | Views [1005]

Tired of eating alone in the Mekong Delta I asked the guest house matron if she could sort me out with a partner for dinner. (she might know a petite Vietnamese model)  I was prepared to pay for the meal and pay a tip for acting as my guide. The only ... Read more >

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