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Where's Jonny? Care to dine with me? You would think that 11 years of daily food tasting for a living might put me off?......au contraire! Chomp away with me across 6 continents. Seduced like a bloodhound to the scent of good food, I anticipate the misty waft of steaming broths, the satisfying crunch of mudbugs and the vibrant aroma of freshly pulverised lemongrass. Buon appetito


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The white house on windy hill

USA | Tuesday, 16 Oct 2007 | Views [2355]

We drove through great washes of red, orange, green and yellow towards a B&B called, the White House on windy hill.... The "drive through," bank in Conway had a digital thermometer, but I didn't have to read the number to know the temperature ... Read more >

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Completing Darwins work

BRAZIL | Sunday, 7 Oct 2007 | Views [3072] | Comments [1]

If any place on earth held the secrets to life, it was here. Hidden deep within unexplored regions of Amazonia lay the answers.  My time was precious, yet I yearned to discover a new species; a plant, an insect, maybe even a human? 4 separate flights ... Read more >

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We`re Brasil NUTS - Notes from Rio

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007 | Views [1673]

I`m sick of cities. I rarely spend more than 3 days in one, before moving off to where green things grow and pigeons have only two legs. Pollution, noise, smells, crime, stress, sewage, crowds, rats, cockroaches, traffic, congestion, black snots, attitudes.... Read more >

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Return from the moon

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 8 Sep 2007 | Views [1008]

There were no lamps on the road and what seemed like a desert land devoid of all life suddenly awakened by nightfall. We were alone. A meteor storm of moths bombarded the windscreen as I drove, their white wings illuminated by the headlights. Things ... Read more >

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Journey to the moon

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 8 Sep 2007 | Views [1144]

Blasting off from the ¨vinefamous¨ Mendoza, we followed the mountain range east towards the desert.  Canine corpses formed a regular sight along the dusty roadside as we rocketed over the bumpy surface in our lunar explorer (actually it was a 1.4 litre ... Read more >

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Legends of the fall - Iguacu

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007 | Views [1188]

Unless you have witnessed and breathed Iguacu falls, trying to describe the experience is like explaining the sensation of falling snow to an indigenous sub-tropical tribe. A large plane from Buenos Aires, the seatbelt sign had been illuminated for ... Read more >

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What happened to Bernie Clifton?

CHILE | Friday, 17 Aug 2007 | Views [1178]

12 hrs on a plane and 19 hrs time difference.  Like a Time Lord, I had arrived in Santiago, Chile before I left Auckland.  At one point I passed myself on the plane.  Bizarre. I wandered around the capital in a daze on the Ascension of the Virgin (a ... Read more >

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Witnessing Sodom

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 | Views [966]

Even from the small gravelly car park our souls were in peril. Whispy hands of white sulphorous gas ebbed at our feet like a scene from, "The Fog."   Ominous clouds of white rose around our bodies. The playwright James Bernard Shaw named ... Read more >

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Gone Fishing....at last

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [958]

Tumbling white rapids bounced and spat as I cast my fly across the current.  Gusty winds made conditions difficult, but once sunk, my hare and copper lure danced along the stoney river bed enticingly.. Dressed in chest-high neoprene waders, the clarity ... Read more >

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Seals, sandflies and sea kayaks

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 30 Jul 2007 | Views [1562]

"Beware the hideous biting sandflies of New Zealand," warns Sir Ian McKellan in the Lonley Planet guide.  We relaxed in the knowledge that the icy weather was way too cold for their bloodthirsty mouths. Not so....for in a place known as Milford ... Read more >

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Donuts, skiing and crustal movements

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 16 Jul 2007 | Views [1757]

What do Homer Simpson, Skiing and crustal collisions have in common? The answer is, they are all features of New Zealands South island. "Hold on," you say, "surely Homert Simpson is a Yank?" Indeed he is, BUT we're in the Town ... Read more >

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When Jonny met Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007 | Views [927]

We met after I had travelled 4 weeks north in a Camper van. I was lightly tanned but Sydney was a bit cold and unfortunately quite windy. Sydney is young, exciting, clean shaven and very well connected. The air he harbours is fresh from the ocean.... Read more >

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A world of ironies

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 | Views [1098]

A severe weather warning was issued for Sydney on the day we were due to fly in from Cairns.  90kmph winds were forecast on the breakfast news.  The toast dropped from my unclenched jaws as I pondered the "plane" terror to come. Mid-afternoon ... Read more >

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and the weather today is....(part 2)

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | Views [1073]

......arriving in Cairns after 12 thousand miles of non-stop sugar cane plantation the sun seemed to want to reveal itself. It did...........for 5 measeley minutes..........then returned like a spoiled child behind grey clouds. While most travellers ... Read more >

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Hells own road trip

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 18 Jun 2007 | Views [1026]

A bloke called, "Bear" in Brisbane rented us a "Wicked" van.  Some bright brisbanite is purchasing small white vans and cleverly making them into "camper" vans.  Each come with its own spray paint design on the sides.  We ... Read more >

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Dog gone wild - Charms and harms of Fraser Island

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 17 Jun 2007 | Views [2658]

The May 2007 edition of National Geographic features an article on Bulldog ants which can ONLY be found in coastal parts of eastern Australia. These fearsome insects (part wasp/part ant) are 2 inches long, have a red body with black lower abdomen and ... Read more >

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Hugh Grant on rollerblades

MALAYSIA | Monday, 28 May 2007 | Views [2220] | Comments [1]

Jets of fog spewed from the ceiling and 90s dance music thumped from huge speakers.  A stumbling westerner, arms flailing, attempted to get to grips with his in-line skates at the roller disco.  Stumbling around like a baby deer, I must have looked like ... Read more >

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ghostly associations

CAMBODIA | Friday, 4 May 2007 | Views [812]

It began when I stumbled upon a dusty book at the guesthouse hidden behind piles of well worn Lonley Planets. An unreadable front cover, I inquisitively opened the brown marked, ruffled pages.  As the text opened out I felt a sudden gust of cold wind ... Read more >

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