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Fate plays poker with Tarot cards and my trip changes course again.

THAILAND | Monday, 15 January 2007 | Views [2045] | Comments [2]

Buried under this pile of stickers is a motorbike and a salesman with good eyesight.

Buried under this pile of stickers is a motorbike and a salesman with good eyesight.

Fate, in all her infinite and baffling wisdom, seems to have taken a special interest in my affairs and was intervening with regular help and hindrance to my no-plan-plan. Out of a myriad of options, Vietnam seemed almost 100% likely to be my next port of call. Then Gemma and Adam arrived in Bangkok masquerading as fate herself, and convinced me to come to Chiang Mai with them. My throat has all but cleared up so it was again okay for me to wander far from safe shores.

Fate also forced me into a cheaper room when my laziness convinced me that a $4 saving was not worth tidying up the mess I had managed to make of my backpack in 2 days. My room had been promised to another patron so I was ushered into a smaller room with no bathroom but friendlier mosquitoes. The fan here was also the opposite of the 747 the other room possessed. On its lowest speed, more air was produced by it wobbling on its hinges than the rotation of the blades.

I briefly harbored a desire to return home that was based upon an epiphany I had just prior to leaving Ko Pha-Ngan. Amongst other traits, it seems I am a REALLY slow learner. In a simplistic way, the extent to which I wasn't 'living good' can be put down to an inability to listen effectively. ("Der!" comes the chorus from many an ex-girlfriend) This I was aware of previously and had made minor efforts at rectifying. The epiphany was the extent that this weakness affects other areas of my life and the dedication required to overcome it. Doubting whether Asia was the place to tackle this problem, I felt that the trip had been worthwhile in once again reminding me of the necessity of learning this lesson before I again unknowingly and unintentionally hurt another loved one.

Minor goals such as bankruptcy and gardia were still being worked on but were only a matter of time given recent events. With little else to do in Bangkok other than fill in time while I figured out what to do next, I thought I would just blow some cash and remove a few of the more expensive options from my list. I was considering putting Heinekein to the 12 beer test the other night, but a talkative Londoner came along and gave me good cause not to. Fate answered my calls for the opportunity to practice my listening skills by sending me a person so versed at self promotion, he didn't even need to draw breath or stop talking between sips of beer. I gave him a right listening to for a solid 20 minutes then decided correcting a life time of bad habits didn't need to, or couldn't be done in one night anyway. So bed and solitude were a far better option than numb ears and an empty wallet.

Lucky too, as I believed at the time I was going to be leaving Asia soon, and thought a spend up on worthless crap might be a sporting way to alleviate the boredom. Drunk and wandering aimlessly with a neon sign saying 'Cashed up and looking to splurge' is definitely not the right way to tackle the battle hardened bargainers found on Khao San Road. It was a shame though, as the 3 beers I had drank before Mr Perpetual vocal motion prompted an early night, had set my heart on some Bangkok specialties such as another tattoo, dreadlocks, teeth bleaching and a sex change.

Lastly, I should add that I decided to forgo the 26 day retreat in Chiang Mai for a number of reasons. Researching what was offered, I came across the disturbing fact that meditators were largely left to their own devises and expected to meditate up to 20 hours a day. If meditation involved drinking beer, lounging in a hammock and flipping through magazines, I'd be totally down with that. Unfortunately, I haven't been down with that for quite awhile now and locking myself in a room for that long would only result in a more enduring twitch. Or blindness.

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that was the funniest journal i think you have ever written i have laughed the whole way through it you are so funny hehehe :)

  :) Jan 15, 2007 11:13 PM



í think you should never go home. just go to other exciting places and keep writing journal entries like that one.

wishing you safe travel seems futile,
(fellow worldnomads journal person - kind of like you, but without the journal entries.)

  Eks Jan 22, 2007 12:07 AM

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