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Hunting for Moose in New Hampshire

USA | Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010 | Views [536]

One of the reasons to visit New England is to witness the wildlife.  The locals would regularly tell me they see bears all the time and how they constantly had to swerve for Moose on the roads.  To them it was no big deal, but for me, I had never ... Read more >

Tags: on the road, wildlife

Brazilian Secret

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 | Views [810]

The Brazilian girls are known all over the world for their tanned curvacious bodies and general sex appeal. They all seem to have pert butts and flat stomachs and let's face it, men love them and woman hate them! ... Read more >

1 Reason Why I Love Americans – The American Dream

USA | Saturday, 22 Dec 2007 | Views [803]

I have travelled extensively through the States, some parts I can’t stop raving on about.   I’m looking forward to returning one day soon.   Returning to eat Cuban food in Miami... roller blading along the beach in LA...singing the full rendition ... Read more >

5 Reasons Why I Love to Bitch About Americans!

USA | Wednesday, 19 Dec 2007 | Views [454]

Reason 1 - Immigration. As I arrived in JFK Airport, New York early hours of the morning, I was the only traveller from the Lima, Peru flight to take the non-resident side of immigration control. The gentleman, who called me to his desk with a ... Read more >

Peru, an ancient civilisation

PERU | Saturday, 17 Nov 2007 | Views [434]

Cuzco in Peru is a pretty, atmospheric, historical town perched high 3500 meters above sea level.  Anything above 2000 meters above sea level can lead to altitude sickness and when Jonny and I arrived in Cuzco we instantly ... Read more >

Amazing Amazon

BRAZIL | Saturday, 17 Nov 2007 | Views [398]

This was it, my ultimate test, the Amazonian Jungle! I had reached the time to tackle my ultimate fears head on and take the Amazonia challenge....   I have always been a scaredy pants when it comes down to creepy crawlies.... Read more >

Favelas – The Story of Brasil

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007 | Views [1197]

What is a true Brazilian ? The country is so diverse with a strong mix of Portuguese, African, Native Indian amongst many others that it is true to say a true Brazilian does not have white or black skin, brown or blue eyes. Brazil ... Read more >

Sexy Sexy Sexy - Rio de Janeiro

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007 | Views [591]

After a gruesome journey from Buones Aires, we arrived in Rio at 1.00am. Already I felt a change in the air from Argentina.  The people with their European, African and Native Indian blood resulted in a glamorous ... Read more >

Last Tango In....Buenos Aires!

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Oct 2007 | Views [523]

The Tango developed in the city of Buenos Aires in the 1800ś. The Tango had a bad reputation among the higher classes ruling Argentinean society at the time as it was seen as a vulgar dance. Crowds would gather at night for the practice ... Read more >

Iguacu Falls - A sign from God?

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 13 Oct 2007 | Views [393]

Since being in Argentina I had heard so many times how I must go and see Iguaçu Falls in the north east of the country. I had seen pictures and postcards of the falls but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to experience. My eyes ... Read more >

Searching for Sex in Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA | Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [4683]

It was lunch time in Buenos Aires and we both fancied eating one of the local specialities, a Tostado, which is like a toastie sandwich.   As we roamed the streets looking for a suitable establishment, our eyes stumbled ... Read more >

Buenos Aires means Good Air...hmmm how ironic!

ARGENTINA | Friday, 5 Oct 2007 | Views [597]

After 3 flights, 24 hours later I arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina at 3.30am. It was funny how quick I got through passport control, all the official asked me was "Tourista?" all I had to say was "Si, soy tourista" and my ... Read more >

Take me back to La La Land – Los Angeles

USA | Wednesday, 26 Sep 2007 | Views [652]

After saying our goodbyes, Jonny and I boarded separate flights, Jonny to Chile and I to Los Angeles, USA. I was gutted to be leaving my traveling partner and I kept telling myself it's only for four days and then ... Read more >

My diet for the foreseeable future...Trout!

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Views [395]

Taupo has the largest lake in all of NZ, it is huge. Taupo also is the Rainbow Trout capital of NZ.  I guess that means it has the largest numbers of rainbow trout? If you are into fishing, which I am not but Jonny is obsessed (surprise surprise!) ... Read more >

On the road to Auckland - Wellington

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 7 Sep 2007 | Views [390]

What a contrast the north island is to the south? Wellington the capital of NZ is a thriving cosmopolitan little town and compared to the south island there's people, lots of people! Having been in the south island for what seemed to be an eternity.... Read more >

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