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I'm Feeling Kind of Hostel

UKRAINE | Thursday, 29 October 2015 | Views [666]

A while ago on my journey, on a trip from Kotor, Montenegro to Tirana, Albania, I met two ladies from Utah who we're on vacation. They we're on the same shuttle bus from the hostel that I and a few others we're on between the two cities. They weren't staying at the hostel, though. They had an apartment they rented through AirBNB.  (they found out about the shuttle online).


The first thing I thought when I heard AirBNB is-how sad. These two ladies, who traveled together, probably ate every meal-together (and with nobody else). They slept in the same apartment together (probably with nobody else), and probably discussed little about what they saw. They probably talked about their  jobs, Utah news, a sale at Safeway, etc.

(I don't know that for sure-but I am guessing).


I have been staying primarily at hostels for over 5 months. (with a  break at a hotel every now and then).  Hostels aren't "cool" among mature adults by  any means (of which few accuse me of being).  Hostels aren't cool on Wall Street-they are just a passing fling for those lucky enough to travel abroad in their early 20's (for those familiar with them at all). As a matter of fact, many adults who hear I am staying at  hostels automatically add the word "youth" before hostels. So the hostels are "youth hostels".


For those of you following me from the beginning, you  may recall  that I hated the first hostel I stayed in(Liverpool, UK) and vowed never to stay in another hostel.  I kept all my bags on my bed (because I knew the others in the room was going to steal my things), and left at 6:00 am. I couldn't handle other people snoring, and rather then the nice sanitized smell of hotel rooms, the funny and funky smells that accompany many people sleeping in a closed space.


But I rationalized-even with that, I DID receive a few hours of good sleep, and paid 1/4 of what I would have in a hotel. 


Next, in Scotland, I went on a guided 3 day tour to Skye and the Highlands-the cheapest level of accommodation we're hostels, and I gave it another chance. Knowing what to expect, this wasn't too bad. So I decided to save money, I would alternate staying at hostels with hotels. 


And a funny thing happened-I learned I enjoyed staying in hostels. I met a lot of others-and felt I was among kindred spirits-those who loved to travel but couldn't afford or simply didn't require 5 star lodging (or 1 star lodging). 


And my trip has been made exponentially richer by staying at hostels.  Some of the people I had the pleasure of meeting we're people who I would have never come into contact with had I stayed in hotels, (or apartments, for that matter)


(A) In Belgrade, I met a 19 year old guy from Kosovo and an 18 year old girl from London, who have been communicating online for the past few years. They we're both staying at the hostel after meeting for the first time.  They met here because the guy from Kosovo  couldn't visit London without a Visa.


(B) In Tarnovo, Bulgaria, I met a 40 year old British woman who visited a small town in India with few rules years ago when she learned a 3 year girl was sexually abused by grown men in the room right next door. Someone then asked if she know this 3 year old. The woman mentioned this 3 year old was her daughter.


(C) In Sofia, I met a 27 year old woman, who rode her bicycle across Europe, starting from her home in Berlin. She camped alone on the side of the road frequently. What made this story more interesting was that she never rode for more then the 10 minute ride to work  previous to this trip. She basically made the trip on a dare to her friends.


In addition to the many fascinating folks who I have had the pleasure to sit across the table from-from breakfasts, family-style dinners, and just "hanging out", I did stuff most 45 year old just don't do.  I went skinny dipping with 20  year olds. I danced in the early morning hours to a famous DJ playing EDM (electronic dance music).  We discussed everything sitting on  porches, sofas, etc  from the refugee crises, Donald Trump, to current music, the impact of technology on life, etc. And not to mention, I have received advice about upcoming destinations as well.


And oh yeah, for all of this, I have paid as little as $5.00 per night.  

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