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Walking Tour but Not Walking Home

ROMANIA | Saturday, 10 October 2015 | Views [299]

Yesterday I started the day with a walking tour of the city. I learned a few things:


(1) Bucharest was largely destroyed by an Earthquake in 1973, and rebuilt around the central area.

(2) The main boulevard is modeled after the Champs Elysees in Paris, because in the 1881 Romania became an independent country (after being split among other nations), and leaders decided to model the municipal buildings/streets after Paris. French was taught was a second language at this time, and many learned French. Cyrillic was no longer used as an alphabet.

(3) Dracula was actually modeled after Vlad, who was a ruler in two Romanian regions: Transylvania, and Walachia. He was supposed to flight with the Ottoman's who ruled parts of Transylvania, but instead commanded his army to flight them for independence. He impaled thousands of people, sticking a large stick up their ass and up their spine, but missing the vital organs, so they would have a slow, long death in agony.

(4) Nicolae  Ceaușescu was the dictator leader of Romania from 1965-1989. His rule started moderately, and he even made friends with Western Leaders. He was visited by President Richard Nixon, and received loans from the west. Through the years, his rule became more opressive and violent. He was forcefully removed in 1989, after he ordered shots to be fired in a crowd of people protesting.


The tour was ok and I learned-but the guy didn't encourage questions-and I like to ask questions. 


After the tour-I walked around and went to the hostel and rested. I went out to dinner later. I looked for some recommended spot but couldn't find it-so I just went to another spot and had soup and salad.


Later on, I decided to go to a club with the others. We took three cabs.  They took LSD (I asked for some but the guy distributed wouldn't give me some since I haven't taken it before).  Some celebrity DJ performing techno, electronic dance music, etc. (whom of course  I never heard of) performed. I had fun for a few hours, but got tired and left around  3:00 am, before anyone else. I tried to walk home from the club, but decided to get a cab. (which was a good move, because I started walking in the wrong direction). I got back around 3:30.

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