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Hostel Etiquette Question #97: Is it Rude to Go to the Bathroom When Your Neigbor is Getting It On?

ROMANIA | Friday, 9 October 2015 | Views [664]

On the suggestion of my friend from another hostel who was staying here, I went on a pub crawl last night. (actually, my friend sent me a text later on saying the pub crawl didn't look too hot, and he decided not to go-but I found this out after I paid for the pub crawl).  Anyway, the price was about 10 euros. My friend decided to meet at one of the bars later.


Anyway, the pub crawl consisted of about 18 people in total from various hostels, 15 of whom we're guys. One chick was hanging with some guy the whole night, so I didn't know anything about her. Another was  a buxom girl from Australia who looked Asian, the third was from Ecuador and wasn't noteworthy in any aspect.


Of us guys, there was myself, an Italian with stereotypical jet black popaudor like hair, my French Canadian friend from the previous post, and various others, including an American guy in my room who lived in Florida and I think is actually older then I am,


The 10 euro admission fee entitled one to a free (weak) shot in each bar (5 in total I believe). The first bar played dance music, and was ok. I spoke with some of the guys, alhough, to be honest, I just wasn't in a party mood (maybe it was the cold weather, maybe just 6 months of interchangable pubs catching up with me).  The second pub was a karaoke bar, which was ok-but by this time I decided I wasn't having a good time, and decided to leave.


I had a second dinner of falafal to block out the horrid taste of fish still in my mouth, and wandered around a little until I found the hostel (luckily not too far away). I returned at approximately 12:30 am.


One of the nice things about a 12 (or 16 or 20) person dorm is usually SOMEONE was sleeping (or doing something)-so I walked into my dorm, ready to go to bed, and was almost horrified to find out I was the only one there. That means (A) Everyone was having a better time then I was  and (B) I had to look forward to people having a better time then I was making there way into the dorm possibly noisely. 


Anyway, about 1/2 an hour later,  a African  guy entered the dorm who I haven't seen before (at first I thought I was mistaking him for the Germany guy-although his skin was much darker).-he asked if the bottom bed was taken-I told him I Thought it was(by the German guy who I was with at check in). I don't think he heard me-as he just took the bed (I could have been wrong)


About 1 to two hours after that (I couldn't sleep)-the Australian Buxom girl entered the dorm and took a lower bed (I didn't remember any women in our room). The slicked-back Italian guy came in shortly after-and I listened while they we're  doing the deed. For a long time. At least twice, if not three times. In the middle, I Felt the need to piss-and considering their bunkbed was next to mine-I wasn't sure if it was rude to climb down and go to the bathroom and disturb them, but it felt like various people came and entered the room during this time and they seemed to people to continue on without distraction.

 I guess about 6 am, I heard the Italian dude's voice again, saying "Baby. wake up" I guess the chick wasn't waking up-I think she woke up later but I am not sure.


I woke up later about 7:00 to the French Canadian dude with some other lady at the door.

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