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Belgrade with Tesla and Shumer

SERBIA | Wednesday, 26 August 2015 | Views [430] | Comments [3]

Yesterday was a day in limbo.  I was waiting to find out if I can go on a tour  of Southern Serbia tomorrow (Thurs), but the tour needed at least two people-so I am waiting to see if anyone else will go.  If nobody goes on the tour, I will take a van to Sarajevo. Again, not a city I  know much about-just that it was on the news back in the 90's as being war torn.


Anyway, other then waiting, I had a breakfast at Costa Coffee, one not too far from the hostel-so a break from Mcdonalds.  Then I finally went to the Nikola Tesla museum, which was about 10 blocks or so from the hostel. 


Nikola Tesla was a genius who invented a shit load of different things-including the binary circuits for computers (0's and 1's), which are the backbone of every single computing device we use today. He also invented alternating current, (vs direct current which is in battery power), as well as the same motor that is being used today in vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. He was a genius, who didn't care about credit-he just wanted to make the world a better place. Others, such as Marconi, reportedly stole his inventions, and took the credit-and he didn't care-he just cared that his inventions we're released to the world.  As mentioned, he just wanted to  make the world a better place, and died a poor man. 


There was a man at the museum demonstrating his inventions, and then I looked around.. The museum was pretty small-you can look through the whole thing in 1/2 an hour. The interesting thing is that It doesn't seem like Tesla lived in Belgrade for more then a few years (he also lived in Prague, New York, Paris, and other places), but there is not only a museum named for him, but the airport is also named for him.


I didn't really have any plans for the afternoon.  I decided to take a walk across the river to Zemun, which is the part of the city I visited the other day on the walking tour  (which was under Austrio-Hungarian rule vs Ottoman, like the rest of Belgrade). But the weather turned humid and rainy, and I went into a modern shopping mall on the other side of the bridge, to cool off and have a refreshment, which was a mango smoothie from Mcdonalds. I also saw a movie-Trainwreck.  It wasn't about trains though, which was disappointing. It was written and starring Amy Shumer who is a slut who decides to settle down. The movie also featured Lebron James. At home, of course, everyone knows more about Lebron James and other athletes then me, but with a Serbian audiance, finally-maybe I actually know more!

Like many things in life, it received good reviews, but I thought it was just ok. (But it was cheap-the price for the movie was $3.30). 

 After the movie, I went back to the hostel, and played a card game called "Cards against humanity". where everyone has random cards with various answers, and we peace together the best answer to a question asked my the moderator. It was ok. Some of the others decided to go out drinking, and I initially followed them, but changed my mind and went back to the hostel and to bed.


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Would like to know if you speak other languages. My husband & I are so impressed with your daily journal which is so informative to us. We are not able to do all that you've done, especially
the walking, and thank you for sharing. You are a truly amazing man. Would love to have you to dinner when you are available & see more of your photos.

  Peggy Plante Aug 26, 2015 11:38 PM


Peggy-no other languages! I just try to say simple words like "thank you" in the other language.

Thank you for your nice words! We will have to arrange that after I return!

  David Pearlman Aug 27, 2015 12:44 AM


A very interesting post, was very glad to learn about Nikola Tesla for the first time.

  Dany McLean Sep 1, 2015 2:32 AM

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