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Budapest to Prague-Naked Breasts to Smarter then Average Bears to Scurrying Rats

HUNGARY | Friday, 24 July 2015 | Views [512]

Yesterday I got up, and arrived at the bus station to take the 8 hour bus ride to Prague.


Once again, the trip was on the same line that I took from Bratislava to Budapest-Student Agency; The JetBlue of buses-with a "bus attendant" giving out free coffee, tea and hot chocolate,  magazines to read, and a screen in each seat with movies, tv and hundreds of songs to  listen to. But once again, it was still a bus, and although there we're several stops to rest, it was a long ride.


Upon getting on the bus, I witnessed my third set of naked boobs on this trip (actually just one). I was seated in an aisle seat-a 20 something woman was in the opposite window seat-I looked in her direction, and noticed (a) a few of her shirt buttons we're undone, and (b) I guess an 11:00 am bus ride was too early in the morning for her to put on a bra.  So I had a quick peek at her nipple. 


Other then the boob, I watched two movies, some tv, read, and listened to  music. The movies we're (a) Yogi Bear, which I should have thought was stupid and turned it off right away, but I thought was funny and quite entertaining.  I noticed the park ranger was the same guy who  plays Dave from the Alvin in the Chipmunks movies. I guess he is the go to guy in Hollywood when making a film about computer-generated talking animals. and (b) Argo-which  I really liked. I couldn't figure out why the Iranians didn't shoot at the jet's engines when taking off, which probably would have grounded the plane, or order air traffic control to order the plane back to the airport.  I also watched a few episodes of Friend's including the one where Ross get's married to Emily but mentions Rachel's name. I was never into that show-but I remember when it came out and I was in my 20's in NYC, it was a big deal since it was a group in their 20's living and working in NYC.


After two stops, at around 7:20 or so the bus arrived in Prague. I took the metro to the hostel, and checked in pretty easily. After doing so, I asked about a place where I can buy bandages for my toe which was hurting, and a Mexican Restaurant mentioned on Hostelworld.com.  


The pharmacy for bandages was closed, but I went to the Mexican Restaurant-it was just a fast food place with two stools, so I ordered a burrito, and found a bench in a park across the street to eat it on. A couple we're sitting on bench opposite me.


I began to eat the burrito.  I noticed what I initially thought was a squirrel a little bit to the right of me scurry across the footpath. Then I thought about it for a second. It's tail wasn't furry like squirrels are-it was long and whip like-come to think of it-the animals' body wasn't furry either.  I just looked at the couple across from me, and we all decided to move. I had a few more bites of the burrito but I pretty much lost my appetite after that.


I then walked around a bit, went to the top of an observation tower, and went back to the hostel.


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