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Final Steaming Budapest

HUNGARY | Thursday, 23 July 2015 | Views [543]


Yesterday was my final day in Budapest.I had a good night sleep, which I haven't had in a few days.  It is VERY hot here(supposed to reach 97 today), and most of the buildings do not have AC. 


 In the morning, I checked out of the hotel I was in. Some sights in Hungary are hard to digest-and I am not talking about churches, views, or even homeless people. Here in Hungary, there is a tram line that runs 24/7. The tram line has trams number 4 and number 6 running on them. So there are a bunch of pubs along the line that have names like "Wesselyan 4/6", and these pubs are open 24 hours.  You can walk by these pubs at 8 or 9 am and view people downing pints of beer. Yesterday, at one of the outdoor tables, around 8am, I viewed a black haired muscular dude  sitting on a bar stool with a woman basically sitting on his lap, and he was feeling her up. Sure beats going to work at that early hour!


 After checking out and checking back in to another hotel (the original was booked for last night), I went to Buda, or the other side of the river and looked again at the old church, Fisherman's Bastion, and took a walk up and down the hills on the other side. I found a Hilton Hotel, which I entered so I could give myself 30 seconds of AC.  Then I took the 4/6 tram to the end of the line to see what was there (it crossed a bridge, and at the last stop was  a large shopping mall and a connection to the metro).  I then came back to my hotel, and went out for dinner to place mentioned in a booklet from the hostel. It was a place mentioned as having cheap, good food. I went there, and the food was good and cheap. (about $7.00 for a meal with appetizer). It was also packed with 20 somethings with American accents, with the same-little book from the hostels.


I then walked around, and took the 4/6 tram to the OPPOSITE end of the line to see what was there.  (it crossed another bridge, and there was a large shopping mall, and a connection to the metro).  I went back to the hotel where I put the fan on full blast and went to bed. 



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