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Manchester the Game

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 11 May 2015 | Views [459] | Comments [1]

Yesterday I went to a football game. It was exciting. I have never been into sports. I have seen a few baseball games, minor league hockey game at home, and one football game. The baseball games we're tolerable for a few innings and then got boring.  The hockey game was over 20 years ago, and other then a fight or two, I don't remember it well. 

This was exiciting and refreshing. Manchester City played a London team in the Ethiad stadium. Here, Manchester is indebted to the shiek (sp) from Abu Dabbi  (sp) who is sponsoring their team and stadium. I don't see that going well with a US team.

Manchester killed the other team 6-0, with the hero being a guy named Sergio Aguero.

The cheers and roars and chants we're exciting (Although I didn't understand much of the words that they we're cheering about). Plus football (here) is a sport I could follow, vs football in the US where I have no idea what is going on (The only game I was at was the New England Patriots playing someone else about 15 years ago-I just remember it was freezing cold and the cheerleaders).

Some weird stuff, they sell beer at the stadium, but you can only drink it in the waiting areas-not in the stadium itself-so you can't watch the game and enjoy your beer simulteanously. Plus the British are so gracious, a ball goes into the stands and the immediately throw it back-I would have taken the ball and ran out with it.

Today I am sitting in a coffee shop in a charming British Village called Didsbury. To most Brits it would just be average-but to anyone from a land of strip malls it is so cool to see a place where one can  walk to shopping, the pub, tranport, and the pub.  BTW I am liking Manchester more-I finally was able to purchase a guide book-the last one, the cover was even scribbled upon. I learned the IRA bombed Manchester back in 1996-and this is why their isn't as much history as other towns.

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Glad you are enjoying Manchester !!! Love your descriptions David !

  Dany McLean May 12, 2015 10:28 AM



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