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April In New York; I love this city - Back in New York City; I hate this city

USA | Monday, 4 Apr 2016 | Views [144]

We all have inner struggles. Some of us try to work through them; others just ignore it and go through their lives without worrying (ignorance is bliss). Maybe there are other responses. For me, I try to work through some, ignore others. My love/hate ... Read more >

Photos: NEW YORK

USA | Monday, 4 Apr 2016 | Photo Gallery

where I come from
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Departure and postscript

MOROCCO | Friday, 1 Apr 2016 | Views [304] | Comments [1]

THURSDAY 31 March No sleep. I rolled around in the bed for a few hours but I don't think I slept very much. Due to the shit that went down in Brussels they said I had to be at the airport 3 hours before departure. So I had to be up and out fairly early.... Read more >

Last Day in Marrakech

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 30 Mar 2016 | Views [269]

WEDNESDAY 30 March Still waking early. Not sleeping that well but I never do at home anyway. After coffee and bread at the hostel I went Back to find Dar Si Said. This time I didn't have to ask anyone, and took a different way and found it without too ... Read more >

Marrakech Daze

MOROCCO | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 | Views [225]

TUESDAY 29 Mars Marrakech My top bunk is too high. My roommates all snore and fart and go to bed too early. Breakfast was crap. you get what you pay for. I will stay here tonight but move to a hotel for the last night. So I went for an early walk ... Read more >

And the Road Goes on Forever

MOROCCO | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 | Views [241]

MONDAY 28 March- Ait Ben Haddou-Ouarzazate-Marrakech This is the beginning of the end. This afternoon I take the bus to Marrakech. My final destination in Morocco. I may take a day trip somewhere from there, but I have no plans. No, I am not ready ... Read more >

Peaceful Respit- where's it's at

MOROCCO | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 | Views [170]

SUNDAY 27 March Sounds in the morning- Birds, Trumps, goats, kids Sunrise opposite the mountains, making vibrant colors on the mountains Standard Moroccan breakfast. Walking through the oasis again and getting lost. Walking through town, too beat ... Read more >

Lost in Morocco

MOROCCO | Monday, 28 Mar 2016 | Views [243]

Saturday March 26 Bus ride to Somewhere. Sunrise. Took a walk up onto a dune to watch the sunrise. Both the sunrise and the clouds to the west where perfect. One of the best sunrises I have seen, not that you can compare such things. The sky to the ... Read more >


MOROCCO | Saturday, 26 Mar 2016 | Views [247]

 FRIDAY 25 March Arrived at the bus station around 7am. Caught the sun rise over the desert. You could see the mountains of Algeria. Waited for the cab driver asking for James Bond, my code name per Sara my host. The road was a normal paved road ... Read more >

FES 24March Thursday

MOROCCO | Friday, 25 Mar 2016 | Views [227]

I have been waking up early pretty much the whole trip. Waking up early in a hostel is generally lame as most normal humans sleep in, and since I'm sharing close quarters with other humans I try not to be too annoying. This morning I just put on some ... Read more >


MOROCCO | Friday, 25 Mar 2016 | Views [246]

FES 23 March Wednesday. Woke up to the sounds of very interesting bird calls. There were multiple ones and its hard for me to describe but it was beautiful. Also waking up to the fact that I have to scramble to alter my plans. The bus is pretty much ... Read more >

Chefchaouen to Fes

MOROCCO | Friday, 25 Mar 2016 | Views [286]

CHEF TO FES; 22 March- After breakfast took a stroll through some streets before most things were open. It was nice and peaceful, just some locals going about their business, kids with backpacks and such. Now it's raining again, so I'm relaxing a ... Read more >


MOROCCO | Wednesday, 23 Mar 2016 | Views [221]

CHEF Monday 21 March Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Salaam. It gets confusing to decide which I feel like using but I try to greet everyone I pass. Most people respond. Everyone is calling me Ali Baba, because of the beard they say. I like it. You can call ... Read more >

Blue-tiful Chefchaouen

MOROCCO | Monday, 21 Mar 2016 | Views [258]

Tangier to Chefchaouen Sunday March 20 Successfully navigated my way to the bus station this morning. I will be heading east to Chefchaouen. It's supposed to be a beautiful city. My cab driver Mohamed was a nice guy. We spoke broken Spanish to each ... Read more >

More reports from the InterZone

MOROCCO | Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 | Views [414]

TANGIER Day 2 Don't bogart that joint my friend... Moroccans seem to like that song. Casablanca-Humphrey bogart Hit up the 2 "famous" cafes today - Cafe tijis for some coffee, which was good but more about the experience of just sitting outside talking ... Read more >

Tangier Morocco Day 1- unedited

MOROCCO | Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 | Views [279]

Tangier;Morocco;Africa; "the Wild West" Friday 18 March- Mellow morning in Tarifa making final preparations for the trip. Nothing worth reporting, except the good news that Matt has booked a room at the same hostel in Tangiers last night and will ... Read more >

Photos: Morocco

MOROCCO | Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 | Photo Gallery

Tangier, etc
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SPAIN | Friday, 18 Mar 2016 | Views [302]

Granada to Ronda to Tarifa March 15; My intention starting the trip to Morocco by way of Europe was I didn't want to fly straight to morocco and deal with jet lag and any of the other normal travel issues in a completely foreign land. I started by ... Read more >

Córdoba y Granada

SPAIN | Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016 | Views [240] | Comments [1]

Train to Córdoba and a mellow night in Granada. Before we get into this one, I should mention that I'm writing this journal on my phone. It's difficult to edit since I can't see the whole thing and I am updating my notes constantly, therefore ... Read more >

Seville Espania

SPAIN | Monday, 14 Mar 2016 | Views [256]

Sevilla Thursday March 10-13 Sorry, but this post gets a little whiny. It's all part of the adventure. This is kind of a loco ciudad. Mas personas. It was difficult to get my bearings, but I made sense of it in the end. I was offered an apartment ... Read more >

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