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The Year Trip We are on another grand family adventure. This time we are taking 10 months to circumnavigate the globe!

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Glacier National Park 2014

Glacier National Park 2014

I have always had an adventurous spirit.  Growing up in Michigan, I spent a lot of the time in the woods around my house looking for “something”.  I never really knew what the something was, but it was something new, still don’t know!  It was this finding or see something new that caused me to spend every chance I could in woods exploring.  I almost never took the same path or headed to the same destination, I was always looking for that something new.

As my age grew, so did the size of my exploring area.  At 18 I bought a motorcycle.  To the scare of my parents, shortly after purchase, I spent two weeks riding from Michigan to Maine to Virginia Beach and back.  It was one of my first great adventures!  I loved the freedom and exploring all the different locations.   I desired more.

In the summer after my second year of college I met a great girl, Elizabeth, working at General Motors.  She had a very similar desire to explore and travel.   Any chance we got, we would spend every penny we had to just go looking for that something new.  It did not matter if it was across the country for spring break or the several towns down the road for the weekend, as long as it was new we were headed that way.

In my first year of law school, Elizabeth and I spent spring break hiking for 7 days in the Grand Canyon.   It was there I really decided I should marry Elizabeth.  If you can spend 7 days walking with someone, packing out everything including your toilet paper, you can probably spend the rest of your life with them.  Elizabeth and I were married a year and half later.

After law school, Elizabeth and I started exploring where we should live.  I had accepted a job at a law firm and just finished the bar exam.  It was a Wednesday night when we decided Michigan was not where we wanted to live, it was too cold.  The next two days we placed everything we owned, it was not much, at our parents and a storage unit.   We left on Saturday morning.  We did not have a destination just a direction to warm weather, a jeep, couples bags, a cat and litter box.  About two week later we ended up in Arizona.

We had a great time in Arizona.  We worked hard during the week and explored on the weekends.  This lasted about 2 ½ years when we moved to middle Georgia.  A biggest two adventures stated in Georgia stated with the birth of our daughters Brooklyn and Kaleigh.  The first couple year with our girls exploring changed to trips to Disney.  We still managed to spend an occasional weekend at a camp ground with our young children.

When our girls were 2 and 4 we moved to Tennessee.  Tennessee provided more opportunities for weekend camping with our girls.  We took our first big adventure with our girls at ages 5 and 7.    We spent two weeks tour National Parks in the US.  http://bombardotour.blogspot.com  Two weeks, just over 8100 miles, and 12 National Parks, great trip.

Now it has been 3 years and we are ready for another family adventure.

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