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The Year Trip We are on another grand family adventure. This time we are taking 10 months to circumnavigate the globe!


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Prague, Czech Republic

Thursday, 16 Nov 2017 | Views [95]

Since we arrived in Europe we have been traveling on trains with our Europass.  The ride to Prague required us to change from the train to a bus, it was still covered with the Europass. We rode a double decker bus from Germany to Prague. We were ... Read more >

Tags: prague, world nomads

Brussels, Belgium

Thursday, 16 Nov 2017 | Views [57]

We were worn out when we arrived in Brussels.  We really did a lot of walking in London.  When we got off the train and I announced to the girls we only have a 1.4 km walk with our backpacks I thought we had a munity on our hands.  When ... Read more >

Tags: beer, brussels, chocolate, manneken pis, waffles, world nomads

London, England

Thursday, 16 Nov 2017 | Views [51]

In our original plan London did not make the list, it was just out of the way.  However, Elizabeth really wanted to visit Stonehenge, so London was added back to the list.  Our new friends we met in Madrid recommended us to visit the Sky Garden, ... Read more >

Tags: london, london tower, world nomads

Paris, France

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [86] | Comments [1]

As soon as we arrive to a new destination we almost always head to our accommodations by either walking, bus, subway, or tram. In Paris, we went by subway. It was very crowded and we were up against each other on both subway lines we had to take. It ... Read more >

Tags: eiffel tower, europe, france, nomads, paris, world travelers

Munich, Germany

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [61]

Ahh, OKTOBERFEST!  We finally made it and little did we know actually how big it was.  It is not just a beer fest, it is an entire carnival with all kinds of rides for the kids.  It is by far the largest carnival either Chris or I have ... Read more >

Tags: europe, germany, munich, oktoberfest


Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [52]

Stefan was friend we had met year back when we lived in Arizona. He lived in an apartment in the same complex and we spent a lot of time hanging out at the pool together. Several years back he moved back to Austria. When we planned the trip, I coordinated ... Read more >

Tags: alps, austria

Venice, Italy

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [62]

Chris made an arrangement mistake.  He scheduled out train stop one stop too early.  When we thought we got to Venice we got off the train and brought up directions to our hotel.  The hotel was still a long way away, not so far but across ... Read more >

Tags: florence, italy, nomads, world travelers

Rome, Italy

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [61]

We are getting very good at the trains!  I think we have it down now, in fact we are starting to help others find their train and cart!  With that said Rome started off with a rough start.  We did not exit at the main train station; our ... Read more >

Tags: italy, nomads, rome, word travelers

Florence, Italy

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [50]

There is so much to see and do in Florence! There is the Michelangelo statue of David, the museum with replicated inventions from Leonardo da Vinci, the Leaning Tower of Pisa just a train ride away, beautiful scenery, Tuscany, and atmosphere.  We ... Read more >

Tags: florence, italy, nomads, pisa, world travelers

Milan, Italy

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 | Views [51]

We arrived at the train station and headed to our Airbnb to meet up with our very friendly hosts. They let us in and gave us some suggestions on where to eat and visit during our short stay. After getting settled into the room, we headed to the Duomo ... Read more >

Tags: italy, milan, nomad, world traveler


Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 | Views [137]

France I was very excited to venture to a place that Chris and I visited 17 years ago. We stayed in a town just down the road from where we stayed on our first visit.  We really did not have any plans, just to slow down and take a break. ... Read more >

Tags: . france, yeartrip

Barcelona, Spain

Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 | Views [129]

Barcelona We had a great stay in Barcelona, experienced our first Airbnb, road the metro, and as we have in many of our other cities, did a lot of walking.  When we first arrived in Barcelona, we were still a bit tired from Madrid, but did not ... Read more >

Tags: spain, yeartrip

Madrid, Spain

Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 | Views [118]

Madrid We pre-purchased the city bus tour for a two-day pass before arriving. We decided to do this on our third day since we wanted to attend a free-walking tour our hotel receptionist suggested. The tour was free, but tips for the guide were welcome, ... Read more >

Tags: spain, yeartrip

Morocco Wrap Up

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Views [212]

Our first night in Morocco was in the city of Casablanca. We ventured out to dinner and ate at a nice little restaurant. We didn’t do too much, because we had an early appointment with our tour guide, Hicham. The next morning, with Hicham, we ... Read more >

End of Morocco

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 | Views [181] | Comments [1]

We are bringing our time in Morocco to a close.  I still want to go back and write up some more on South Africa and our game reserves, but our goal was to get caught up now.  The primarily problem is time and internet.  We have been on ... Read more >

Tags: family, morocco

School Started

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 | Views [162]

Not that the girls were not getting a good education traveling, learing geography, animals, life experience, and everything else we encounter in the next 10 months, but we want, at least semi-scheduled, schooling. We decided to start school on a specific ... Read more >

Tags: education, kids, schooling, trip school

Elizabeth Clothing

Sunday, 6 Aug 2017 | Views [110]

In preparing for our trip I researched a little bit on what kind of pants to bring. I found what I wanted at Moosejaw and ordered it online, unsure if I would receive them in time, I purchased another brand at REI. I ended up getting the first pair and ... Read more >

Tags: clothing, rei


Saturday, 5 Aug 2017 | Views [63]

We are over a month into our trip and we have discovered to always have coins handy for tipping. Currency and credit cards are another issue.     In South Africa you will need to tip similar to the United States, however, it only needs ... Read more >

Tags: money, morocco, south africa, tipping

South Africa Suggestion

Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017 | Views [46]

We drove the garden route in South Africa.  During the drive we stopped at several National Parks.  Each park has its own entry fee.  However, they do offer a multiple park pass that might be worth looking at, it probably would have saved ... Read more >

Tags: national parks, south africa, wild card

Professional Bread Thief - The Monkey

Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017 | Views [72]

At our second game reserve, Kariega, there was a large lunch hall that was open to the outside. After we sat down and ordered our drinks, we were about to get up to go to the buffet -- all of sudden a vermin monkey come into the lodge’s eating ... Read more >

Tags: bread, kariega, monkey, thief

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