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ARGENTINA | Friday, 8 February 2008 | Views [646] | Comments [3]

Amy:  We survived our first self-organzied bus trip today. We traveled 6 hrs from Puerta Varas to Bariloche, Argentina.  The border crossings out of Chile and into Argentina were organized by a guy from the bus company so they went very smoothly.  It was nice not to have to figure out what to do and where to go on our own.  We did not have any accomodations booked so we had to figure that out once we arrived at the bus terminal which is about 3 Kms outside of town. 

I am not sure how we did it but we ended up at a hostel that is located 2km´s up a hill about 5 km´s outside of town and the view is incredible. The deck outside the hostel overlooks a lake, with many treed islands, that is surrounded by mountains.  The people are very warm and friendly and the facilities seem to be great.  I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

I bought my first bottle of Argentina wine today.  I have had a couple Chilian beers but no Chilian wine as of yet.  The beer was good though.  I hope to try the famous Argentina beef before I leave the country as I have heard the portions are huge and the price is cheap.

Tomorrow we will hike down and go back into to town to figure out what is the best way to continue our journey South. I have a feeling it is going to involve a very long bus ride.  But on the bright side, todays bus was quite comfortable and had air conditioning. 

I am quite sore today from the short time we spent on the beach yesterday.  We have been told that the ozone layer over Chile is quite damaged and I think that must be the case.  It was not that hot and I was not out that long but I sure burnt my face, neck and arms.  Lesson learned, I will certainly be using the sunscreen more frequently. 


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Great to hear that your travels continue so well. I enjoyed looking at your pictures from Chile, a lot. They sort of remind me of here, except: there isn't much green here (well maybe little patches in our backyard (I guess they're more yellowish)) ... some people have had their pictures taken outside here (but you can't tell who they are because they are so covered up) ... there is water here(it's still sort of stiff though) ... people are have hats on here (we call toques not Tilley's) ... people have gotten burns around here too (more so from high wind-chill values than a thin o-zone layer) ... like the coyote in your picture we have cute animals here (cute to see how they try to keep two paws off the ground while they pee) ... we spend lots of time with vehicles here too (it takes some time to get them started, scraped, warmed-up, defrosted, fluids flowing, tires unsquared (then you have to do it all again after you have the groceries)) ... we like to go sliding down rapids here (no wait, that's rapidly sliding (down streets, sidewalks, highways)) ... there's snow here (it's just here the snow is all over not just above the tree line on the top of an active volcano). See, it's almost like we're enjoying the same stuff, well, sort of. I'm off to walk the cute dogs now. Take care.

  Bob Phillips Feb 11, 2008 1:45 PM


Hi I thought Id better check on you Two. We got back on Satn nite in the midst of a blizzard.What a shock to the system.We enjoyed the easy living on the ship and those isklands are so lush.The tours we took were great and the Sub was down for an hour with continues fish and coral.Very good thank you.Mabel and Harry didnt go back tell monday so i picked Sedana up on Tues.in the day.She is such a tease.When I went in she came for a pet right away.So I gathered up the stuff and took it to the car.Then there was no Sedona to be found.I checked all the rooms over and over and was down stairs on my knees in the lawndry room And this meow came right beside me.I was certanly quick to grab her up.We made it home ok even with my anger.Sure didnt fiss herr though as she been on my lap ever time I sit down.We are both fine and waiting for Bob and Family Fri night.
I'll check back with you Next Week.
Love Dad,Bert,Mom,Marie

  Bert Phillips Feb 15, 2008 6:54 AM


Greetings from Winnipeg. We are all finally coming out of hibernation as winter seems to be on it's way out!! I just looked at pictures and read some of your blog. WOW...what an amazing trip. I'm very jealous and can hardly wait to hear all about it when you are home. I want the full slide show put to music.
Life for us is full of hockey playoffs and work. Ryan's team is off to the city finals starting Sunday and Kayla's team has one life left on the B side of the playoffs.
We're off to Panorama skiing for spring break at the end of March and we can hardly wait!! I love holidays.
Monday night hockey winds up at the end of the month too. Well I just thought I would say hello. Enjoy the rest of your travels and I'll look forward to your return home.

  Carol Ploen-Hosegood Mar 13, 2008 3:06 PM

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