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August 6th Heading Home!!

Wednesday, 6 Aug 2008 | Views [571]

Ok, here's a run down on the last day of our trip!  Breakfast, then quick beach time.  Shower, pack up.  Haggle with the taxi driver on the price to the pier.  Settle on 200 Baht, still too much.  So we take the taxi truck to the pier, take the ferry ... Read more >

August 5th Last Full Day!

Tuesday, 5 Aug 2008 | Views [581]

This day looked much like the other days on the island.  Beach time!  Apparently, I get really fun on the last day of our trips.  I must finally relax enough to have a good time.  Kyle and I enjoyed a decent amount of Rum and Coke while we lounged on ... Read more >

August 4th

Monday, 4 Aug 2008 | Views [611]

Today we decided to do something other than just lay around on the beach!  We decided to lie around on a boat!  There was a boat trip that offered snorkeling, lunch, fishing and a fish farm all for 400 Baht, a pretty good deal.  We had to return the ... Read more >

August 3rd

Sunday, 3 Aug 2008 | Views [770] | Comments [1]

We are fed up with this Tub Tim resort.   The service is crap and the food is not all that good, plus we are getting ripped off by staying in this fan-only room.   So we rented a moto and went in search of a new place to stay.   We only had two hours ... Read more >

August 2nd

Saturday, 2 Aug 2008 | Views [590]

This morning Kyle was able to sneak and get a voucher for breakfast since we figured it wasn’t included with our cheapie room.   As time went on we realized nothing was included in our cheapie room.   Not only did it not have hot water and AC which ... Read more >

August 1st Koh Samet

Friday, 1 Aug 2008 | Views [634]

We had breakfast this morning.   The usual fried eggs with toast and veggies.   For some reason or other the food seems better and healthier out here.   Even when it seems ill prepared.   I am guessing that most of the food is fairly fresh and not ... Read more >

July 31st, Ko Samet, Thailand

Thursday, 31 Jul 2008 | Views [1421]

Angy and I were woken up at around 4:45 am, give or take 15 minutes.   We got up and went about our morning routine of brushing our teeth and Angy washing her face.   The train man then came around and turned everyone’s beds back into seats for the ... Read more >

July 30th, Chiang Mai to Koh Samet

Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 | Views [1178] | Comments [2]

Breakfast was again very good.   Mim helped me order mushrooms with my eggs rather than the potatoes I was having.   Then we parted ways with Mim, saying we would meet up in Koh Samet in a few days.   Kyle and I had a few things to get done before ... Read more >

July 29th, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008 | Views [695]

Today we needed to figure out which beach or island we wanted to go to and make travel arrangements for getting there.   Kyle’s dad had tried to help us out with the use of his timeshare but nothing was available at such short notice near any of the ... Read more >

July 28th, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday, 28 Jul 2008 | Views [1121]

We got up and enjoyed the breakfast at our hotel that Mim had suggested.   We both had poached eggs with bacon, ham and sausage.   Of course the sausage is like a hot dog but it is still good, it at least tastes like a sausage.   Kyle went down ... Read more >

July 27th, Luang Nam Tha, Laos to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunday, 27 Jul 2008 | Views [1200]

More travel…..So here we go.   We will keep this one simple.   Got up, had breakfast.   Caught a Tuk-Tuk to the bus station.   Took the bus to the Laos border.   Took a long tail boat across the river to Thailand.   Paid our way in.   Angy falls ... Read more >

June 27, Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Friday, 27 Jun 2008 | Views [706] | Comments [1]

In the middle of Asia, after dealing with the hounding, and often charming touts, I and I alone have found a haven in the middle of Cambodia for Kyle and I to take refuge.   And not just any haven, but one that has Mikey written all over it.   Sexy ... Read more >

June 25, Seoul, South Korea to Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Views [553] | Comments [1]

We got up early and Younga made us coffee and rolls and then drove us to the bus stop to catch the bus to the airport.   Her husband had told us there was a post office at the airport to mail our package from (he is a pilot for Korean Air).   After ... Read more >

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