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July 29th, Chiang Mai, Thailand

THAILAND | Tuesday, 29 July 2008 | Views [638]

Today we needed to figure out which beach or island we wanted to go to and make travel arrangements for getting there.  Kyle’s dad had tried to help us out with the use of his timeshare but nothing was available at such short notice near any of the beaches.  WE took Mim’s advice once again and decided to go to Koh Samet which was only a four hour bus ride from Bangkok.  So be booked the overnight train to Bangkok, since we booked it only the day before we got stuck in the 2nd class sleeper without AC!  I was dreading it, but it saved us money.  We made plans with Mim and her boyfriend Will to meet up for dinner later and then go to the market.

Kyle and I bummed around for a few hours, had a little late lunch and stressed about money.  While we were having lunch Kyle caught the attention of our waiter.  When Kyle went to use the restroom the waiter told him he was a very handsome man.  Then at the end of the meal Kyle paid our bill and asked where he could get his hair cut, he told him he was very hot.  Then when I was in the bathroom he came over to the table and told Kyle that tomorrow morning he could take him to his house and cut his hair for free.  I think Kyle was both a little flattered and a little freaked out.  Needless to say Kyle found a place to get his hair cut later that afternoon rather than have the waiter cut his hair at his house!  So yet again in another country Kyle got his hair cut.  This one was better than the one in Vietnam, but nothing special.  After the haircut we went back to the hotel to kill time before having to meet up with Mim and Will.

After meeting up with Mim and Will she took us in her rental car to a restaurant called Riverside.  She ordered, which we love!  She ordered a ton of food and we were not able to finish it!  I have to describe Mim, she is so cute and tiny.  Her hair is down to her butt, and she wears kinda hippy-type clothes with awesome silver jewelry.  When we were out with her she was approached by a girl who owned a clothing shop and thought she was a designer, she has an amazing style.  She and her parents own a restaurant in Chaing Khong which is small town on the Laos border.  It is where we had amazing salsa.  Her dad seems like a hippy too.  He has long hair as well that is down to his waist and streaked with gray.  He also is a musician and plays the guitar.

So anyway for dinner we had steamed fish, beef curry, deep fried shrimp, vegetables in oyster sauce, a veggie and sausage platter that came with a green chili pepper dipping paste, and other stuff I can’t remember but it was all very good.  After dinner Mim took us to the night bazaar and helped us purchase a few more presents.  She brought us to her favorite jewelry shop that sells handmade silver jewelry.  She bargained for us!  After the market she wanted to check out this jazz place where a guy she knew might have been playing.  She said he is very young and very good on the sax.  So when we got there he was there and he was going to play later.  Not only was her friend there but I think every other musician in Chaing Mai was there too.  It was great to see so many talented people just jamming together.  It was so crouded and I think musicians out numbered the audience at least 2 to 1.  It made me think that Chaing Mai should have more venues like that one so that it would give all of these people more places to perform.  The North Gate Jazz Coop was not only filled with musicians but it was also filled with little kitties.  I don’t know why the cats liked it there since it was so loud for their little kitty ears but there was at least 6 cats that lived there.  After a couple of cocktails it was closing time.  Mim brought us back to the hotel and we decided to meet the next morning for breakfast.  She also pointed out to us that the hotel offered a free ride to the train station, so Kyle and I scheduled a ride for the next day.  Then it was off to bed!

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