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July 30th, Chiang Mai to Koh Samet

THAILAND | Wednesday, 30 July 2008 | Views [1178] | Comments [2]

Breakfast was again very good.  Mim helped me order mushrooms with my eggs rather than the potatoes I was having.  Then we parted ways with Mim, saying we would meet up in Koh Samet in a few days.  Kyle and I had a few things to get done before we checked out to go the train station.  Our train left at 2:50pm and arrived the next day in Bangkok around 5:30am!

We checked out of our hotel, stored our bags, and went on the internet briefly before heading out for a little bit.  I have been amazed at how many places have internet.  No matter where we have been, the internet is only a few blocks away.  I guess there is no excuse for how behind we are on the blog.  The only reason I can find is that Kyle had discovered his love for reading and has his nose in a book constantly.  It is impossible to pull him away from his books to write in the blog, and I don’t want to monopolize the blog.  Plus it seems like our readers like Kyle’s entries better, oh well.

We stocked up on some supplies for the train ride and had a little Mexican lunch at a serves-it-all restaurant.  Then we rushed back to the hotel to take a minivan to the train station.  When we saw the train and the area we were to sleep I was very concerned.  The train car seemed very old and dirty.  We sat in two seats facing each other and we were told by Mim and the internet that they would come around later and change our seats into beds.  This worried me as well, seeing as our seats were not very comfortable.  And it was miserably hot!  Even with the large window wide open and a fan blowing on us I was sweating buckets.  But we were off and I would just have to deal with it for the next 15 hours!

(Kyle) The rest of the train ride was fairly boring.  Both Angy and I had both a lot, listened to the ipod, and typed in the computer.  Other than that we ordered a dinner for on the train.  When our meal arrived it was as expected.  Just a grade better that the average airplane meal.  Although the food we had on our international flight was really good.  I was actually quite impressed. 

This day ends up with our two seats being converted into our bunk beds.  The top wasn’t so bad, a little more luxurious than on the sub.  I don’t think the bottom was as comfortable as the top bunk, but Angy didn’t want to have to get up and maneuver up and down the bunk throughout the night since she always has to go to bathroom.

We both went into our respective bunks and prepared ourselves for a long and frequently interrupted nap.



Good day my children:
Thanks for an update....I was beginning to get blog withdrawal.
Angela, I love your entries. You both have done an outstanding job and add different views of your travels.
I remember you saying that you wanted to take your moisturizer cream with you....with all of the "sweating buckets" I would imagine that you did not need the additional 'creaming'.
By the way, before I was married I was also taken to a boxing match by a boyfriend and even though we were several rows away, we did see blood flying in the air along with sweat during the match. I think the red stuff on your seat, was most likely what you thought it was.
Take care in preparation of your return home. Lots of love,

  "California Mom" Aug 6, 2008 5:16 AM


Boring long trip! I will have the same on Monday uff

  crazy sexy fun traveler Dec 7, 2011 11:05 PM

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