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Graduated, Gone, Garbage Not a travel journal per se, just something to record ideas, thoughts and photo's for anyone interested.

An Update

VIETNAM | Monday, 26 Mar 2012 | Views [364]

For those who still come here to read my stories, I'm still exploring the world. Now in Spain I blog at MySpanishAdventure.com . I also run the blogs DontFlyGo.com , Groovetraveler.com , Travelinksites.com , HotelsandMotels.org and TravelSexLife.... Read more >

Musings on Home

VIETNAM | Friday, 17 Apr 2009 | Views [498]

Having a history is nice. But it’s only now that I appreciate the footings of my forefathers. Being here in Vietnam, a million miles away from the culture to which I am used, all that’s left is a certain amount of shell shock. Shell shock ... Read more >

Times of Hostility

VIETNAM | Friday, 3 Apr 2009 | Views [1839] | Comments [4]

Vietnam is readjusting to an influx of foreigners. In 2007 the country saw 3.6 million overseas visitors enter the country, a 3.7% increase on the previous year. And with scores of English teachers and businessmen relocating here every year, these ... Read more >

Tags: ho chi minh city, immigration, nigerians, saigon, vietnam, visa

An Apology......Of Sorts

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009 | Views [439] | Comments [1]

I confess my negligence is tantamount to heinous crime. I can’t take it any longer. For those of you expecting the usual dose of scathing prose that appears here I apologise. The truth is apathy breeds laziness. It appears the sole commentator of ... Read more >

It's a SLOWlife afterall

VIETNAM | Saturday, 7 Mar 2009 | Views [458]

Is it that much of a SLOWLIFE? I’m in Nha Trang on assignment. Yes I’m staying in five-star luxury, in a room fit for Napoleon, but I’m feeling more like dynamite than dynasty. Having spent a day discovering just how the Six Senses Ana ... Read more >

Things that time - but not Vietnam - forgot

VIETNAM | Sunday, 1 Mar 2009 | Views [661]

Vietnam, that aching wound of a country, saps in the rot and garbage from elsewhere. Here those very things that outgrew their novelty back home live on in a second life of endearment and idolization. It’s like an early 90s school disco you’re ... Read more >

Tags: annoying, backstreet boys, boyzone, cotton eye joe, irritation, phlegm, vietnam


VIETNAM | Saturday, 24 Jan 2009 | Views [487] | Comments [1]

Got myself Adobe Creative Suite 4 for a dollar. It’s on my computer now.   The joys of piracy and living in a country whose economy depends on it. It’s a right stroppy little piece of software. The install menu rudely reminds you to ... Read more >

Tuk-tuking Quack-quacking

VIETNAM | Friday, 23 Jan 2009 | Views [771]

He cackles incessantly with dark beady eyes. The thin black tufts of hair on his chin shine in tainted spittle. His long pinkie talon jabs menacingly deep grooves into a newly acquired map. “I’ll take you to the temples” he promises. “Just ... Read more >

Tags: angkor wat, cambodia, siem reap, tuk-tuk

Gallery: Phucking About in Phnom Penh

VIETNAM | Saturday, 10 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Hun Sen is a dangerous man
See all 8 photos >>

Gallery: Candid Cambodia

VIETNAM | Saturday, 10 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Making SE Asia worth it!
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Gallery: Vung Tau

VIETNAM | Sunday, 4 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

Teach at the beach or so they say!
See all 16 photos >>

Nothing Raises More Jubilation

VIETNAM | Sunday, 4 Jan 2009 | Views [687]

Nothing raises more jubilation than a hard fought victory. The conservative attitudes of the Vietnamese nation were thrown out the window last night following their dramatic victory over Thailand in the AFF Suzuki Cup. What followed were scenes ... Read more >

Tags: crazy, football, sport, suzuki cup, thailand, victory, vietnam

Vung Tau Kapow!

VIETNAM | Thursday, 1 Jan 2009 | Views [1923]

New Years Eve; no countdown no fireworks. Kind of how I like it. Vung Tau’s two stretches of dirty beach remained serene in the new hours of 2009. No-one was around, not even the big hairy rats stirred. It was low key. Vung Tau is a popular beach ... Read more >

Tags: beach, new year, vung tay

Do They Know It's Christmas Time at Home?

VIETNAM | Thursday, 11 Dec 2008 | Views [820] | Comments [1]

Yes, I think they do. But do you know it’s also Christmas time here in South East Asia, a largely non-Christian region? It’s bloody hot, sweaty and sunny. No snow falls here, and the only Father Christmas I have seen is very thin and ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, saigon, santa, vietnam

Time To Be Alive!

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008 | Views [439]

I know this blog has been somewhat fixated on motorcycles as of late – but what a fantastic time to be alive! December in Saigon and the weather is remarkably beautiful. Cruising around with my shiny white ILA helmet is simply heaven.... Read more >

Gallery: Missy Miscellaneous

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

Life is suprisingly good sometimes
See all 14 photos >>

The Key is Covering Up My Dear...

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 9 Dec 2008 | Views [897] | Comments [2]

There is a trend in Vietnam. Largely followed to a tee by the nation’s hordes of young bike owning women. The trend in question? Covering up. Vietnamese girls seem to go to extreme lengths to escape Mr Evil UV Ray. Hats, scarves, gloves ... Read more >

Tags: caucasian, gender, patriarchy, roles, saigon, vietnam, white

Gallery: Don't Petrol Bomb Us

VIETNAM | Monday, 8 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

Our Home
See all 15 photos >>

What Kind of Motorcyclist Are You?

VIETNAM | Sunday, 7 Dec 2008 | Views [712] | Comments [1]

Take the test now! 1.        You want to hire a motorbike. You look around and scout out your options. Do you… a)       Rent a lowly old manual from your local bia hoi? b)       Rent a more upscale tidy automatic ... Read more >

Tags: honda, motorbike, saigon, vietnam, xe-om

New House New House

VIETNAM | Saturday, 6 Dec 2008 | Views [597]

Don’t petrol bomb us. We’ve moved and doesn’t out guesthouse hate it? Every bloody day I get a call telling me I have outstanding payments. What cheek! They raised my rent each week without telling me. Some Vietnamese are slimy bastards I’ll ... Read more >

Tags: apartment, house, saigon, vietnam

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