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What Kind of Motorcyclist Are You?

VIETNAM | Sunday, 7 December 2008 | Views [694] | Comments [1]

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1.       You want to hire a motorbike. You look around and scout out your options. Do you…

a)      Rent a lowly old manual from your local bia hoi?

b)      Rent a more upscale tidy automatic from the backpacker area?

c)       Get a Vietnamese friend to help you acquire a brand new Harley to rip the streets up with?

2.       You get your little baby on the road for the first time. Do you…

a)      Weave in and out of traffic, ride in bicycle lanes and careen down one way streets?

b)      Take it slow and steady at the right hand side of the road?

c)       Crank up the throttle, push the engine to the limit and skirt around all other riders leaving them trailing in your dust?

3.       You reach a red light where lots of traffic is forming a bottleneck. Do you…

a)      Stare intently at all the faces around you as you have become a white spectacle in an otherwise bronzed crowd?

b)      Slowly come to a stop, sit and bide your time staring patiently ahead?

c)       What red light?

4.       You are late for work; you reach your apartment buildings garage and have forgotten your helmet. Do you…

a)      Get on a xe-om and shout an address in bad Vietnamese?

b)      Patiently return to your room in the elevator to fetch it?

c)       Throw caution to the wind and feel that dirty polluted air accumulate on your scalp?

5.       You are riding along and get a load of grit in your eyes. Do you….

a)      Grin and bear it whilst swerving incessantly in and out of startled families?

b)      Stop as soon as you can and get yourself a face mask and protection goggles?

c)       Have the coolest pair of aviators on in case of such problems arising?

6.       You notice that you are low on fuel but must get to work as soon as possible. Do you?

a)      Run your bike into the ground seeking the help of a smiling serviceman to tow you calmly to the next gas station?

b)      Stop calmly at the next filling station and tell work you are going to be late?

c)       Get your reserve tank out from the side and promptly fill up?


Mostly A’s: You are either naïve or stupid. You haven’t been in Vietnam long but have seen whities riding about and thought it looked damn cool. You can’t drive at home because you have an alcohol problem.

Mostly B’s: You are probably a woman.

Mostly C’s: You think you’re a Hells Angel but really you’re a bit of a twat.

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Im guessing you fall into bracket (c) ??

  Helen Dec 8, 2008 7:28 PM



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