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Apples and Sheep

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 6 February 2008 | Views [586]

Well, I survived the sheep shearing day.  I sorted wool from 110 sheep, which may not sound that bad, but the shearing rate was one lamb per 60-90 seconds.  It was fast and actually pretty tough work.  But a good experience none the less.  I hope to host a video of one of the lambs being shorn on facebook.

One of the most incredible things of that day was assisting Chris in sewing up a hurt ewe.  The thing had a foot-long cut down its leg.  Now sheep are dumb and pretty instinct driven.  So you can imagine that having two men sew up its busted leg with dental-floss was not making the little girl relax.  But I held her by the front two legs and the right ear and put her head in my lap.  After a few moments she understood that we meant well.  All that instinct over-come because the ewe could sense our intentions!

So I made it to Hastings.  Hastings is a lot like Mt. Vernon (if you add money, style and a reason for existing to Mt. Vernon).  Today is a big aniversary of a Maori treaty with the English.  I got an interesting perspective on those relations, because I hitched to Hastings with a half-Maori guy.  The Maori situation in New Zealand reminds me of the attitudes surrounding Black and White relations in the States.

One never knows what is around the corner.  I came to Hastings to do seasonal labor in the hopes of making upwards of $140 a day for the next 3 weeks so I can have a party on the South Island.  I had chosen my Hostel and everything.  Then, I got here and it was full.  In fact I almost didn't find a place last night.  But early this morning I walked around and found a great little place off the main drag.  It is less crowded, cheaper and quieter than the other places in town.

Best part is, the lady that owns it is fixing it up (painting, tiling, etc.) and will give me a substancial discount (possibly down to free boarding) for helping out around 10 hours a week.  I figure that with that plus fixing my own meals, I'll save a load of money.  I should do alright here until the 27th.  I'll get down to the South Island by the first week of March and have around 33 days to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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