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Tropical Penguins?

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 28 February 2008 | Views [1702]

Well, I survived the trekking and camping in Abel Tasman National Park. Thankfully Red lent me the gear I didn't have, although carrying 28 lbs. of gear for three days makes the shoulders sting. I have a few blisters and neat pictures to show for it. I uploaded photos of Hawkes Bay (finally) and the beautiful coastal features of Abel Tasman. Pictures of Wellington and Motueka to follow. Enjoy!

I have rarely beheld such beautiful beaches. And I've been to the tropics! Both nights I camped right by the ocean and had some great sunrises to snap photos of. The NZ Department of Conservation is my enemy, however. They charge $14 per night just for a campsite. And they don't keep all the track is perfect order. DoC is who I blamed for everything from the fact that I had to waste time and fuel boiling my water to make it safe to drink, to the wet shoes I had to live with for two days.

I did see a few unusual things in those three days by the sea. On the first day, there were three european girls sunbathing topless right on the track. Gee girls, this isn't the Riviera. Next, millions and I mean literally MILLIONS of clam-shells left behind in the drained tidal basin. Then I watched a wasp catch and kill a mozzy in mid-air. Then I saw what I believe to be two penguins just today on my way out of the park. Good times, eh? I'm sure I have more memories than these.

I am going to be helping Red and Sarah build a little cabin for their oldest son in the next few days. Then it is off to Nelson and down the West Coast. I am getting really excited about Te Anau and Milford Sound. I made friends with a nice American Couple named Doug and Jamie--they told me that it is incredible. They are only the 2nd group of Americans I've gotten to know over here. But at least all the Brits seem to like Barrack Obama!

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