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Everyone loves a Fjord

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 17 March 2008 | Views [792]

Well I survived the most beautiful place in New Zealand.  Milford Sound (actually I discovered it was created by a glacier, so it's really a FJORD), was amazing and we had amazing weather and it was just amazing.  The water is unique because tannins from the mountains are washed into by the rain, so even though it is salt water, there is a thin layer of fresher and darker water on top.

After going on the cruise and walking around a bit on my own, I made it down to Te Anau.  This was a nice little town with a much better backpacker lodge than Milford.  I have been running into several people of late.  Other travelers I met up around Greymouth and Franz Josef.  That is a nice thing about the using the YHA network of accomodation.  Even though we might move around a different paces, we all end up sleeping in the same hostel at the end of the day.

I am now in Dunedin.  It is the center of Scottish culture in NZ.  I like it.  Today I visited the public art gallery, and there was some impressive 3D art to behold.  It is also St. Pat's day, so all the Uni students are dressed up and acting young.  I actually watched a pretty good local film called "Scarfies".  That is the nickname for Otago Uni students.  Not as internationally known as "The Whale Rider", but funny all the same.

I am going off the grid for a while.  All the touring is waring me out, so I am headed to Omaru for a WWOOF stay.  This is not what I originally planned, but I am actually glad my plans changed.  Omaru the best place in the country to spot blue and yellow-eyed penguins.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  So I may be out of contact until I make it to Mt. Cook or even Christchurch.  Cheers until then!



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