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Erasmus Shenanigans "Not all those who wander are lost"

Photos: London to Chennai

INDIA | Friday, 19 Mar 2021 | Photo Gallery

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The Journey from London to Chennai mid-Pandemic

INDIA | Friday, 19 Mar 2021 | Views [273]

    My alarm rang at 8 am - a full 7 hours before my 3 pm British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. I was ready for the journey by 9.30 am and was settling down to have breakfast, when my taxi ... Read more >

Tags: bangalore, chennai, coronavirus, covid-19, london, pandemic, quarantine

27 hours in Edinburgh

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 17 Sep 2020 | Views [337]

Day 1   The Avanti West Coast zoomed from Euston to Edinburgh Waverly, every tilt synonymous with a turn in my stomach. Sydney, my friend from UEA and I were going on our second trip; the first being Budapest in 2017. The 5.5 hour-long train ... Read more >

Tags: edinburgh, haggis, hike, scotland, volcano, whiskey

Photos: Edinburgh

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Milan and Venice

ITALY | Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017 | Photo Gallery

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The Land of Gelato

ITALY | Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017 | Views [844] | Comments [1]

Milan and  Venice  (23rd-25th  June  2017)   Abby dreamed of going to Venice. We shared the same dream until December 2015, when my dream became reality. I recently found ultra-cheap tickets to Milan and back ... Read more >

Tags: duomo, floating city, milan, venice

Photos: Prague

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 | Photo Gallery

Photos from my second trip to Prague
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Prague 2.0

CZECH REPUBLIC | Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 | Views [992]

Prague (17 th -18 th  June 2017)   The capital of the Czechia, and a favourite holiday destination for   the  many who want to immerse themselves in the  centre  of Europe. The name 'Prague' ... Read more >

Tags: karlovy lazne, prague

Hello Hallstatt!

AUSTRIA | Monday, 24 Apr 2017 | Views [891] | Comments [1]

Hallstatt (8 th  April 2017)   I'd seen  Erasbus  trips pop-up on my Facebook news feed ever since I arrived in Brno. When I attempted to book a trip, however, there was a problem with the payment. This time, ... Read more >

Tags: austria, hallstatt, lake, mountains, village

Dracula's Crib

ROMANIA | Monday, 17 Apr 2017 | Views [1407] | Comments [1]

Bucharest (24 th – 27 th March 2017) Here I go again, inviting myself to pre-planned trips with other people I barely met. This time it was with three lovely Spanish girls, one of whom is in my Nanobiotechnology class. We caught a 7 am coach ... Read more >

Tags: brasov, bucharest, castle, dracula

Photos: Hallstatt

AUSTRIA | Monday, 10 Apr 2017 | Photo Gallery

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My first time skiing!

POLAND | Monday, 10 Apr 2017 | Views [1160] | Comments [2]

Zakopane (18th -19th March 2017) Day 1   This entire trip pushed me to the extreme and just writing about it gives me a headache. But, I write this for your enjoyment! Saturday night at 2 am was the start of the weekend ... Read more >

Tags: mountains, skiing, tatra, winter sports

Weekend away in Krakow

POLAND | Monday, 3 Apr 2017 | Views [960] | Comments [2]

Krakow (4 th -5 th March 2017)     The Auschwitz tour left us in dire need of coffees. We found a chain café on the other side of the street that the tour bus had dropped us off on. I cheerfully asked the ... Read more >

Tags: krakow, salt mine, walking

Photos: Bucharest

ROMANIA | Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 | Photo Gallery

Adds flavour to the Dracula's Crib story!
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Auschwitz- the most infamous concentration camp

POLAND | Monday, 27 Mar 2017 | Views [716] | Comments [1]

Auschwitz-Birkenau  ( 4 th March 2017 )   Krakow, the last city within coach-distance from Brno that I had yet to enter. My dad was coming to visit me for the weekend and I asked him how he felt about a quick trip ... Read more >

Tags: auschwitz, concentration camp

Budweiser Budovar!

CZECH REPUBLIC | Monday, 20 Mar 2017 | Views [1174]

Ceske Budejovice (10th February 2017) This was the most spontaneous trip I've ever done. A mere two days before going, I messaged a Brazilian girl I had only met once 3 months earlier and asked her about her travel plans. She had posted several pictures ... Read more >

Photos: Zakopane

POLAND | Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 | Photo Gallery

Photos of my first time skiing!
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CZECH REPUBLIC | Tuesday, 14 Mar 2017 | Views [808] | Comments [3]

I enjoyed writing this series so much that I wrote an extra two articles than the  original seven I had planned !  The biggest thank you undoubtedly goes to Arya for not only taking time out of her busy medic schedule to read all my ... Read more >

Tags: end of the road, epilogue, thank you


DENMARK | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 | Views [1151] | Comments [2]

Copenhagen (5 th   -  9 th  Jan)   My flight from Amsterdam landed an hour after Rachel's flight from London. When I exited the terminal she spotted me and came running to hug me. It was like a scene ... Read more >

Tags: copenhagen, healthy

Photos: Ceske Budejovice

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017 | Photo Gallery

Pictures of the city and the Budweiser Budovar factory
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