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re-defining home

INDIA | Saturday, 25 Oct 2008 | Views [1344] | Comments [1]

What does home mean to you after traveling for so long? When I first left the country, I was an angry girl; ashamed of my country, annoyed with American tradition & culture, disregarding of my family history, disappointed with my education, ... Read more >

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INDIA | Monday, 16 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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How Do You Have So Much Time To Travel?

USA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 | Views [1116] | Comments [1]

It's not about "having" time, but rather "making" time. You just put you stake in the ground and say, "this is what I'm gonna do" and then you do it. No one EVER has "extra" time to travel -- at least not before ... Read more >

Tags: Travel Tips

Where Did You Get All The Money To Be Able To Travel?

USA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 | Views [1617] | Comments [2]

This is the biggest complaint I hear; "I would travel…if only I had the money." I pay for ALL my travel expenses. Please don’t think for a second that I’m pracin’ around on Dad’s plastic. My parents “taught me the value of a dollar” ... Read more >

Tags: Budgets & money

How it started

USA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 | Views [1303]

About five years ago, I bought a plane ticket to Costa Rica and sat down with my boss to tell him I was taking a month of vacation from work. “No you’re not.” He said. “Yes, I am.” I told him. *very long pause* “No you’re not.” He continued.... Read more >

Tags: how it started, solbeam, the planning phase