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the last turtle

Friday, 23 Dec 2005 | Views [3895]

14.1, 3.1, 2.1 15.2, 3.4, 2.3 12.5, 2.7, 2.0 “Oh my gosh, this one’s so little!” I put the slide rule down and, with two careful fingers, lift the little creature up. His width, as measured exactly to be 2.0 centimeters, is small enough ... Read more >

Tags: Animals

a day in the life

Monday, 7 Nov 2005 | Views [1606]

Sometime  in  the last few months I picked up a new personal meal-prompted ritual. And it only slightly (and admittedly irrationally) bothers me that onlookers might presume I’m Christian (which I, although a fan of Jesus “the pilgrim,” am not) when I ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

stories that silence

Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005 | Views [1141] | Comments [1]

Like a child who has witnessed a tragedy beyond their vocabulary of comprehension, my mouth has been closed in silent surrender of the search for fitting words that don’t exist. For who am I to speak? In every country I travel to, and with every firsthand ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Gallery: Colombia

Tuesday, 30 Nov 2004 | Photo Gallery

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Surf n' Sipicate

Thursday, 28 Feb 2002 | Views [2998] | Comments [2]

Sipicate is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Surf is what my Guatemalan friends revolve their lives around. Last weekend, we kicked it in beach cabins for a two-day surf competition where the boys took 1st in the Boogie Board ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine, black sand, guatemala, sipicate

Tri-Annual Solbeam Statistical Update

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2002 | Views [1130]

-- As of 26, February 2002 -- # of Months on the Road = 11 # of Suspicious Skin Infections in 11 Mos. = 3 # of Digital Cameras Donated to the Guatemalan Black Market = 3 # of Persons reported in a Kidnapping for Ransom in the City Yesterday = 3 $$$ ... Read more >

Tags: guatemala, solbeam, statistics, the stats

Sol vs. The Volcano -- A History

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2002 | Views [3232] | Comments [1]

In Portland, Oregon, when given a piece of white construction paper and finger paints, children will blob and smudge paintings of snow-capped mountains topped with whipped-cream clouds and sprinkled with pine trees. In San Diego, California, kids ... Read more >

Tags: guatemala, mountains, volcano

three-day-date with a hammock

Sunday, 17 Feb 2002 | Views [941]

*turns her pant pockets inside out and shakes the sand out of them* I'm back from my three-day-date with a hammock on the black sand beaches of Monterico. It's amazing how exhasting being lazy can be! In any case, I have a monster blog in the works ... Read more >

Tags: guatemala, hammock, monterico, mountains

Crashing Carnival

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2002 | Views [1887]

So today we celebrate Carnival in Guatemala. *looks around* No parades, beads or frats of raving boys with video cameras in sight (thank God!)...but then again, we Americans always love to add our own, um...flavor? to the traditions we've...um.... Read more >

Tags: carnival, festivals, guatemala

I Have Lice

Sunday, 10 Feb 2002 | Views [1741]

I work as a volunteer in Guatemala City with the children of a community of families who live in the city dump. It sounds impressive, eh? People are always fascinated when they I tell them what I do and they often go into an extensive session of questioning ... Read more >

Tags: christmas party, guatemala, lice, volunteer, work

Providing Safe Passage

Sunday, 10 Feb 2002 | Views [1200] | Comments [1]

Okay, the combination of working at the project *turns knob two turns to the right*, working at the bar *turns knob two turns left*, Spanish classes *turns knob right again*, the gym *turns knob left half turn* and a social life *centers knob and ... Read more >

Tags: guatemala, safe passage, solbeam, work



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