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Trip: India, Tibet, Nepal 2005

There are [16] stories from my trip: India, Tibet, Nepal 2005

a sacred ego stomping

CHINA | Friday, 3 Mar 2006 | Views [2223]

I’m in the mood for a story. And this one is particularly good, because it *literally* stomps on any pride I’ve ever held in assuming myself a culturally sensitive individual. But having recognized that my heaviest burden is ego itself, I’ve come to ... Read more >

Tags: laughter, tibet

Gallery: Nepal

NEPAL | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 | Photo Gallery

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revelation recovered

INDIA | Sunday, 29 May 2005 | Views [1260]

I don’t look up, but feel the table vibrate as a chair is pulled out from under it and curious arms fold themselves across from mine... “Hello.” Although my eyes are reluctant to pull themselves from the egg hunt of inspiration that I have found ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

this is india - part II

INDIA | Friday, 20 May 2005 | Views [2099]

(This story is a continuation of the post from last week, "this is india - part I".) ***** The Rail Official instructs me to wait until he has finished confirming the seats of the rest of the passengers in the car. As he leaves ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: India

INDIA | Wednesday, 18 May 2005 | Photo Gallery

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this is india - part I

INDIA | Sunday, 15 May 2005 | Views [1038]

Kolkata/Culcutta, India The Train Station I jump out of the car, insist that I’ll be safe on my own and Suren, my in-country co-leader and friend from Nepal, reluctantly gives me a final hug and jumps back into the jeep and leaves. I turn around ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

trip to Trainland

INDIA | Wednesday, 11 May 2005 | Views [1221]

After a tearful goodbye to my students I suddenly find myself shockingly alone. *That sentence needs some of the sudden S P A C E that I have yet to get comfortable in.* But the madness hasn't a chance to cease as there's a taxi strike in Kolkatta ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles

a piss-er

INDIA | Saturday, 7 May 2005 | Views [1199]

...that I'm so busy closing the semester and preparing the students for an American-reality re-integration, that I haven't had time to type. But I'll be heading solo-style to Southern India this week and my fingers will finally again find their ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

a spoon full of graciousness

CHINA | Wednesday, 27 Apr 2005 | Views [3167] | Comments [1]

I take a deep breath, hold it, and step into the dank room. (When the students ran into our shared room an hour earlier and exclaimed, “It’s the most foul thing we’ve ever seen in our lives!” I laughed. I’d heard the rumors of hell realms to be ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating, tibet

Gallery: Tibet

CHINA | Tuesday, 19 Apr 2005 | Photo Gallery

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on top of the world

CHINA | Tuesday, 19 Apr 2005 | Views [1073]

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Tags: mountains, tibet

walking with Jesus and Buddha

CHINA | Saturday, 9 Apr 2005 | Views [3925] | Comments [4]

Once upon a time I fell in love with Christianity. I went to church twice a week and made the sign of the cross each time I went down on my knees. I memorized and repeated prayers as I counted through my rosary’s beads. I sang songs in the choir ... Read more >

Tags: philosophy of travel, tibet

practitioner of Pilgrimism

CHINA | Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005 | Views [4171]

Out of meditation retreat and back to tracking the footsteps of the prophetic pilgrims themselves! An update is on the way. In the meantime, I thought I'd share my backpack book stack... The Secrets of Francis of Assisi: A Meditation by Christian ... Read more >

Tags: on the road, tibet

immortality burning

NEPAL | Wednesday, 23 Mar 2005 | Views [1777]

Kathmandu, Nepal Pashupatinath Temple The Burning (Cremation) Ghats along the Bagmati River In insatiable appetite, a greedy fire spits out the flames of a violent hunger. Riding a wave of wind, a whipping tornado of smoke takes a turn back towards ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Skipping a beat

INDIA | Saturday, 19 Mar 2005 | Views [923]

11 layers of daily dirt deep, I have a shower and inbox to meet, BUT the photos, for themselves, talk, gasp, sigh and speak. So while I'm on my way to Nepal, please take a peek: > All the Himalayan Trek Pictures ... Read more >

Tags: india, the great outdoors

sol statistical update: Darjeeling, India March 2005

INDIA | Saturday, 5 Mar 2005 | Views [2010] | Comments [1]

Cost of my incredible lunch this afternoon of dahl baht, garlic naan, gohbi paratha and palak panner: 80 Rupees US dollar equivalent of 80 Rupees: $1.84 US dollar value of eating lunch with your fingers: priceless What never gets burned when you ... Read more >

Tags: india, solbeam, the stats