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Blue Mountains and drunken Spaniards!!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 3 April 2008 | Views [2381] | Comments [4]

The Blue Mountains!

The Blue Mountains!

The morning didn't go entirely as planned... I was rudely awoken at 5:45am, and quite possibly in the rudest way. Ever. Yet more joys of shared dorms I guess... although this story will be hard to beat!

The Spaniard in the bunk above mine hadn't spoken much, or infact been in the hostel much. On the first night he came in rolling drunk about 5am, waking me up briefly in the process. Lastnight he came in about 4am, again waking me up, but only for a minute before I was back off again.

At quarter to 6am, I stirred from my lovely sleep in a bit of a dazed state, I dreamt that my arm was wet... but on feeling it I couldn't really tell in this state if it was or wasn't. After a few more seconds for my brain to actually wake up, I could here a fast dripping sound, and then felt more fluids hit me! Yep, the guy in the bunk up top, had pissed himself... big time! I jumped out of the bed and switched on my little light next to the bunk, to see it streaming through the mattress above and there was already a large patch on my duvet! I was glad I had an arm outside the duvet, otherwise I could have laid in this twats piss for another hour potentially! He was laid on his back, and his duvet was soaked on top of him, I mean it must have been pints coming out! I shouted at him and gave him a shove on the shoulder, and he just snorted and rolled over and carried on sleeping... obviously completely fucked.

At this point I was a bit confused, having just woken up, and didn't really know what to do, lol! Another English guy in the room was awake at this point, as his alarm went off to go and watch the champoins league game in the TV room, and he saw the stream coming through too... I'm glad someone else saw it! Bizarre!

I chucked some clothes on and went down to the reception area and told the story to two very shocked staff members. All I could do at this point was laugh about it really, what else could I do! They gave me a private room for the hour or so I had left before leaving on my day trip and went to take a look at the guy so they could tackle him later in the morning... Needless to say, I did not sleep during that hour! I obviously had to have a wash too!

Later in the day the story was legendary throughout the staff ranks, and they changed all of the bedding on both bunks and charged the guy for cleaning it all. He apparently was very confused having not known what happened, lol! To my surprise when I got back that evening, he had not checked out or moved rooms, but was going to stay there... if he pisses on me again, he is gonna get hurt! Once I can laugh at... twice would be an insult! As it happens, as I write this, I find myself insulted by the guy anyway. I've seen him twice since it happened, in the room, and he hasn't even looked at me in the face, let alone offer a simple apology! Fucking cunt of a bloke! (Excuse my French)

Anyway, at 7am I got ready for my day, had breakfast and went to the meeting point. The coach driver/tour guide for the day was excellent, and the people in the group were in the main pretty sound. A few of them were lucky enough to hear a funny story about a guy who got pissed on in his bed, which lightened the mood a bit... lol

The mountains are spectacular from any angle, and we drove out to start our hike through them from what they call the start of the mountains. They are named 'Blue' because of the hue of colour they give off when viewed from afar. The walk was about 4 hours with lots of stops to hear info from the guide and spot wildlife. We walked down one side of the grand canyon and up the other. There are points there that are very deep, and people absail down into the cracks, bloody nutters!

It was quite cold to start out with, and I had not taken my fleece with me due to the weather forcasts I read online... stupid! After about half hour though, it warmed up and then we kept moving pretty much all day anyway. The walk itself was pretty easy going for a Mount Kinabalu veteran like me... ahem... even with the slippery rock steps which were cut from the mountains hundreds of years ago. A couple of people hit their heads on the rocky outcrops too, which I personally pleased about, as I did not hit mine, and normally do manage to stick my big stupid bonce on the rocks when walking under them! ;-)

After the walk we drove another hour and went to a high view point to view the huge plateau and the Three Sisters, which is a rocky outcrop over the valley with three huge rocks standing in a row. The guide told us the old Aboriginal tale of how they got there, which is a magical, mystical tale told by the elders... I won't spoil it for you in case you come out here yourself! ;-)

That night I went back to the hostel to check that my bedding had been changed over and the guy on the desk gave me a few breakfast vouchers for my trouble... which was fair enough, it wasn't there fault! During the day I'd daydreamed about the Spaniard checking out through embarrasment and paying for a few of my night stay... what a laugh, the ignorant bastard clearly didn't give a shit! Lol

I sunk a few beers after that and at no point did I consider pissing on anyone... Hopefully I wasn't going to be a victim tonight, and could have another lie in tomorrow, well... until 9ish anyway, at which point I will get up and try to book some onward travel to Melbourne and then take in a few more sights in the city...

Pics on Photobucket (although none of the pissing incident or aftermath!)

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Golden Shower FTW! lmao

  Lee Martin Apr 4, 2008 10:40 PM


You`ll never be able to see `Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid` again without PEEing yourself!(bike riding scene-music)

  Mark Apr 5, 2008 7:20 PM


More Mountains Harvey is impressed!!! Not so impressed by the pissing incident!

  Jo Apr 10, 2008 6:40 PM


Bloody awesome, good write-up - you normally have to pay for that kind of thing, for the hostel to throw in the golden shower and breakfast vouchers is superb!

  Stephen Apr 30, 2008 12:52 AM

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