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Pizza and Pasta

ITALY | Monday, 17 Sep 2007 | Views [363]

Venice greeted me with a warm smile as i stepped off the bus from the airport.  The warm weather continues to bless me as i've only had a handful off days it has been cold a rainy, mainly in Paris and London. I don't think that Venice was designed but ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Weather holds off on the Islands.

IRELAND | Monday, 17 Sep 2007 | Views [627]

Rolling into London after a quick train ride from Paris to London the weather was fairly predictably...  SHIT!  Luckily enough i had a familiar face to great me after a ride on the London tube and attached to that was a place to crash for a few days.... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

Gallery: Shitty English weather turns good.

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 31 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

UK and Ireland
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Gallery: Spainish nights

SPAIN | Friday, 31 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Spain Siesta and Paris nights

SPAIN | Thursday, 16 Aug 2007 | Views [1006]

Hola, Well a few k's have been clocked up since the last post and sorry again for the laziness of myself. Just quickly the train went ok from Denver to New York. A long two days and glad I don't have to do it again. By the way, the train system sucks ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Boulder, that's it!

USA | Thursday, 19 Jul 2007 | Views [483]

It's a little surreal to think that in a couple of days i'll be in Barcelona and my trip to the states will have finished, but i'm glad to be heading off as i believe this country has given me all it can for the meanwhile. Boulder is awesome, ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: More USA

USA | Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007 | Photo Gallery

A gew more pics to keep you happy
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American history 101

USA | Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | Views [441]

Three hours in Philly the first time was probably not enough so I decided to check it out for a second time. Fairmont Park is massive and as the Hostel was located at the north end and the city at the south end it took a bit of walking to get ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

State College

USA | Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | Views [514]

As we drove into the driveway of the Blue house, a couple of familiar faces greeted us with huge smiles and hugs. I found out the next day that the 'salad rolls' that we had that night when we got in are in fact called hoagies. Howard had just ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

Oh Canada!

CANADA | Thursday, 28 Jun 2007 | Views [461]

Bounjour, As you can tell my french is great now. I can say, "Sorry i don't know how to speak french." It's great because then everyone speaks English to you and you don't look like a stupid American. Montreal was cool. The city was ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

Gallery: East Coast USA

USA | Friday, 8 Jun 2007 | Photo Gallery

More photo's of the travels.
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East Coast USA

USA | Thursday, 7 Jun 2007 | Views [729]

Hi again, After Atlanta we took our bad boy machine T-Rex up the East Coast of the continent. We started off in Carborro next to Chapel Hill at Mary and Jack's place - friend of Dave's. It's an awesome place to go to, really cruisey and a great ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

South USA

USA | Thursday, 7 Jun 2007 | Views [728]

Hi all, Sorry about the slackness of my posts but I’ll try to update as best I can. So after the east coast I headed off to Nashville, TN. via air. Stayed at a nice hostel/house way outa town. I only stayed for a night as I was meeting ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

Gallery: Southern USA

USA | Wednesday, 9 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

The great south where ya all have fun!
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Gallery: West Coast USA

USA | Wednesday, 9 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

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West Coast USA

USA | Thursday, 3 May 2007 | Views [726]

Hi all, So i've been in the States now for 9 days and everything is going well so far. The hostels are nice and i've even had one of the rooms to myself which was a pleasent difference to the crowded rooms. As for first impressions i like to think ... Read more >

Tags: Trippin around

I'm about to leave!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 19 Apr 2007 | Views [511]

Some people have been wondering about the RSS feed so i thought I'd write a quick message so they could test it out to see if they can get it. It's only 4 more days now so they frantic packing has started, i've shaven the shag, and hopefully ... Read more >

Tags: Packing & gadgets

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