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it's a long way from whitley bay... Hi everyone and welcome to our journal where you can see and read what we've been up to and where we're going next. We hope you enjoy it, and would love you to keep in touch with your news, and send us your comments! Lots of love, Sarah and Phil x ;)


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Kunming and Chengdu

CHINA | Saturday, 8 Mar 2008 | Views [3916] | Comments [6]

Hi everyone, Well we've arrived in China safe and sound. But not before we collected some more ‘travel experiences’ to tell you about… After our 7 hour wait at the border on Tuesday, we finally boarded the 6pm sleeper bus to Kunming and ... Read more >

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Trip Stats - 1/3 of the way!

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 4 Mar 2008 | Views [1097] | Comments [3]

Seeing as we're now four months into our trip we thought we'd do a bit of quantitative analysis on our experiences So far and have spent our spare afternoon at the Chinese border putting together a few trip stats... Countries we've been to = 7 Flights ... Read more >

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VIETNAM | Tuesday, 4 Mar 2008 | Views [1126] | Comments [4]

Hi everyone, We've made it to China! Well across the border anyway. We're now sat in an internet cafe with 8 hours to kill before our bus journey to Kunming because our travel agent messed up the bus booking! Grrr. He told us he'd arrange tickets for ... Read more >

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Halong Bay

VIETNAM | Friday, 29 Feb 2008 | Views [1110] | Comments [3]

Hi everyone, Just a quick update as we unexpectedly found an internet connection at the hotel we're staying in tonight! We're now on Day 2 of our tour of Halong bay, having spent last night in a cozy cabin on a Chinese Junk (the boats with the big ... Read more >

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VIETNAM | Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008 | Views [1213] | Comments [2]

Hi everyone, Hope you've all recovered from the earthquake!  Things have been a bit less dramatic round here as we've spent 4 days relaxing in Hanoi before we head to Halong Bay to soak up some...er...cloud. Yes that's right, for the first time in ... Read more >

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Vang Vieng and Vientiane

LAOS | Friday, 22 Feb 2008 | Views [3654] | Comments [2]

Hi everyone, Since leaving Luang Prabang, we’ve mainly spent our time floating down a river in tractor inner tubes drinking beer. Perhaps that needs some explanation… We left Luang Prabang on Tuesday morning and spent ... Read more >

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Luang Prabang

LAOS | Monday, 18 Feb 2008 | Views [1638] | Comments [5]

Hi everyone, We finally arrived in Luang Prabang in Laos on Thursday last week after our two-day slow boat trip down the Mekong river. It was a really atmospheric journey meandering our way down from northern Thailand through the misty ... Read more >

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Chiang Mai part 2 - Boxing, Batik and Bikes

THAILAND | Monday, 11 Feb 2008 | Views [1098] | Comments [2]

Hi everyone, Today's our last full day in Chiang Mai before we head to Laos so we thought we'd update you before crossing the border where the internet connections are apparently as slow as Newcastle United’s back four... In the past few days, we’ve ... Read more >

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Chiang Mai part 1 - old friends, fried rice and fireworks

THAILAND | Wednesday, 6 Feb 2008 | Views [884] | Comments [3]

Hi everyone,   Well our schedule-sticking ability seems to be slipping away along with our memories of work, responsibilities, time… and we ended up spending a couple more days than we’d intended in Bangkok. This was partly because we liked it ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Bangkok, Ayutthaya and River Kwai

THAILAND | Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 | Views [4431] | Comments [2]

Well we finally managed to drag ourselves away from the beach after a couple of lazy weeks and arrived back in Bangkok on Monday (28th). The first time we arrived in Bangkok, a fortnight ago, we staggered round in a jet lagged daze for a day and half ... Read more >

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Ko Lanta

THAILAND | Sunday, 27 Jan 2008 | Views [1458] | Comments [4]

Hi everyone, After a few days lazing on the beach in Ko Phi Phi, we decided we really ought to start doing something, so we caught the boat to Ko Lanta so we could laze on the beach there instead.... To be fair, we'd done a bit of kayaking in Ko Phi ... Read more >

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Bangkok and Ko Phi Phi

THAILAND | Sunday, 20 Jan 2008 | Views [1839] | Comments [7]

Hi again everyone,   Well we’re finally back on the road and glad to be reunited with long, hot evenings in Internet cafes – our little cockroach buddies have really been missing us!   We decided to opt for a slightly more relaxed start to ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


INDIA | Monday, 3 Dec 2007 | Views [938] | Comments [2]

Just a quick update from sunny Delhi before we depart for the Corbett National Park to meet those hungry tigers... We've had three days in Delhi, staying in the Paharganj backpacker area in the heart of old Delhi. We spent the first night in a fiver-... Read more >

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Agra and the Taj Mahal

INDIA | Thursday, 29 Nov 2007 | Views [1308] | Comments [6]

Oh we love the transport here, it’s so smooth and efficient…..oh, hang on, that’s a line from the Japan entry….we arrived in Agra at 5.30am on Tuesday after a 7 and a half hour ride on the “luxury sleeper bus”, which would be known as the “boneshaker ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Sarah wins 3rd prize at the camel fair!

INDIA | Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007 | Views [993] | Comments [5]

It's true! We're not joking - we have the pictures to prove it! OK then, she wasn't up against any camels - or even racing one (hahaha) but came third in the Ladies Musical Chairs Race no less!  We were ambling our way up to the Mela ground - the main ... Read more >

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How not to get to Pushkar

INDIA | Thursday, 22 Nov 2007 | Views [4101] | Comments [4]

Somehow we've made it to Pushkar for the camel festival....after another "interesting" journey on this trip to add to our Russian experience (why can't everywhere be like Japan?)! It took us 26 hours from Mumbai to Pushkar using a combination ... Read more >

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INDIA | Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007 | Views [705] | Comments [4]

Hi everyone, We arrived in India on Sunday night – finally touching down at 9pm-ish after three flights, three aeroplane meals, and one power cut at Mumbai airport (‘the back up generators can’t take the burden’ – well not much of a back up then are ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


JAPAN | Friday, 16 Nov 2007 | Views [1031] | Comments [6]

What can we say about Japan?  It`s fantastic!  After the cold of Russia it was just great to get somewhere where we didn`t need to wrap up for sub-zero conditions and could stroll around in 20 degree warmth.  We arrived pretty jetlagged on Tuesday ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Moscow and St Petersburg

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Sunday, 11 Nov 2007 | Views [749] | Comments [2]

First off, apologies for no updates in the past few days but we've been Russian around a bit (sorry - that was Sarah's pun, Phil is denying all input into that one). We arrived in Moscow on Wednesday evening and after a day of sight seeing on Thursday, ... Read more >

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Budapest - first stop

HUNGARY | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Views [1022] | Comments [4]

Well we at least made one flight on time(!) and landed in Budapest on Monday evening. We lugged our bags from the airport to the hostel via the bus and metro and managed not to lose anything or slip a disc. Hopefully a good omen for the rest of the trip.... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

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