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My Journey to Becoming a One of the Millions Global Vocal Live-Streaming Artist

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 5 May 2021 | Views [68] | Video

Music, like life, is a journey. You may hear and appreciate both good and bad music because it reflects your life experiences. I'm not sure what yours is. In 2006, I turned off my radio because I didn't want to hear my vocals anymore, which means I didn't ... Read more >

Tags: live-streaming, singing, song, vocal artist

Journey in my Tangled State of Mind

PHILIPPINES | Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 | Views [245] | Video

Maneuvering along on a narrow rocky road, like a country cowboy, this I remember, I switch off the engine of my utility vehicle when I spot this man walking towards us. A then asks, for a way and behind am my friends this is what I see in my mind's eye, ... Read more >

Tags: connecting locals in vitali district sitio pico, mt pico, mt pico zamboanga city, zamboanga city stone climbing

A Birthday Journey Towards the East Coast of Zamboanga City

PHILIPPINES | Sunday, 8 Dec 2019 | Views [234] | Video

Sometimes your mindset shifts to what you don’t expect that it doesn’t happen anymore and yet it is still being practiced by some. It became also a major concern too that you feel amazing with the original tradition that brings you to the ... Read more >

Tags: chavacano, chavacano birthday celebration, chavacano birthday song, vitali, zamboanga city

Photos: Malamawi Beach Resort - Tour Guide Training

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019 | Photo Gallery

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Malamawi with love

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019 | Views [116]

An excerpt during the final stage actual tour guide challenge: May I have your attention, please. Thank You! Let me share with you my experiences that I wrote during the time when I first set put in this white beach resort. I remember standing beside ... Read more >

Tags: basilan, beaches, isbela, malamawi, resort, tour guide, white beach

Father and Daughter Road Trip to the Highest Mountain in the Philippines: Mt Apo

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 9 Jul 2018 | Views [514] | Video

Our road trip from Zamboanga City to Kidapawan, Cotabato City

Tags: mount apo, mt apo, road trip, tallest mountain

Photos: Devotional trip from Zamboanga City to Cagayan De Oro City

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 19 Sep 2016 | Photo Gallery

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PHILIPPINES | Monday, 19 Sep 2016 | Views [801]

Anxious, curious, excited, valuing family life and fondness of nature make our road trip from Zamboanga to El Salvador City, the Philippines the best therapeutic and devotional journey of my lifetime.   Early morning at 3 am dawn, the moonlight ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, cagayan de oro city. divine mercy shrine, divine mercy, driving, family, religious journey, road trip

494 km road trip from Zamboanga City to Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

PHILIPPINES | Sunday, 6 Mar 2016 | Views [1445] | Video

    It took 8 to 9 hours travelling from Zamboanga City to Cagayan De  Oro  City at 494km. We spend one night in  Kapatangan  District. It cost me  P3200 ... Read more >

Tags: cagayan de oro, cdo, on the road, philippines road, road trip, travel, zamboanga city, zamboanga to cagayan de oro city

Hidden Treasure In Brunei Jungle - A Solo Adventure

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM | Sunday, 10 Jan 2016 | Views [1002] | Video

This is my documented video during my solo adventure in a reserved forest in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam

Tags: bandar seri begawan, brunei darussalam, brunei tourism, eco tourism, flora and fauna, jungle adventure, trekking

Life isn't Plastic

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015 | Views [750]

  I read this vandalism written at the back door of my neighboring advisory classroom it says, “I hate plastic” at the back of me are my students they read it aloud too. One of them asks me a question. Teacher, do you hate plastic? ... Read more >

Tags: coincidence, life story, sunsets

Tubeless to Tireless

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015 | Views [837]

My wrangler jeep caught flat along the highway with only two lanes. Since the other new extension lanes situated to both sides of the old lanes are under construction due to the expansion project of the government. In as much as it is not safe to park ... Read more >

Tags: flat tire, on the road, trekking, tubeless tire

Short Poem

PHILIPPINES | Thursday, 10 Sep 2015 | Views [412]

Yale as the morning comes amidst of prayer to save the day and tomorrow comes thanks for the other days via blessings for everyday because of him everything smiles

Tags: blessing, god, poem, prayer

The aftermath of the “Weasel Words” & the “Propaganda Caricature”

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 5 Sep 2015 | Views [990]

Thou shalt not abuse in using weasel words, or else you shall be a delusion; thou shall not try to exaggerate your sketching or else it shall cause a mental illusion. These two styles of surreptitious communiqué: weasel words and caricatures ... Read more >

Tags: caricature, china, propaganda caricature, weasel words

Run-Through Creates Picture-Perfect

PHILIPPINES | Monday, 31 Aug 2015 | Views [889] | Comments [1] | Video

Watching “UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN” during my high school days let me foresee and day dream of what my opportunity will be.” Just for a short idea about the film? “UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN follows San Francisco writer Frances Mayes ... Read more >

Tags: movie, review, tuscany, under the tuscan sun

The Great Pretender

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 15 Aug 2015 | Views [806]

Ethnicity, Clans, Family Status and Social Environment that I grow up shape my English knowledge in writing, speaking and understanding, which I am contented just for being me. I don't strive for a perfect British or an American accent English because ... Read more >

Tags: english, pretender, taglish

A video presentation that brings me in to the International School Brunei

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 16 Jan 2013 | Views [500] | Video

This is a short video presentation about my best video that I took and edit during the time I apply in the International School Brunei as videographer and luckily of many desirable candidates I was the only one who accepted.

Tags: interview, presentation, sample, video

The dead of my father (May 31 2011)

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 11 Jun 2011 | Views [574]

(I did not checked the grammar because I am in the state of sorrow and I want it to be like this when I do my speech during the funeral mass on June 9, 2010) On May 30, 2011 at 3a.m dawn I woke up when a life-size butterfly dash into my face twice.... Read more >

Tags: dead, father

Documentary Scholarship 2011 entry

WORLDWIDE | Monday, 6 Jun 2011 | Views [779] | Video | Scholarship Entry

This Fort Pilar shrine in Zamboanga City the Philippines, stir me to capture a religious practices which invite religions to unite in one faith. Accordingly, this shrine served as a symbol that shows all faiths making their devotion to one the Nuestra ... Read more >

Tags: #2011Video, Travel Documentary Scholarship 2011

In the name of Narcissus

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 | Views [763]

Busses, Jeepneys, Cars, Bullet Trains and Motorbikes keep coming and going, to the left and right of my eyesight. People are ubiquitously congested, as if they are running out of time. Some of them end their day happily, some ends sad; while ... Read more >

Tags: aurora, aurora boulevard, corruption, cubao, culture personality disorder, narcissism, narcissism, narcissistic, narcissus, npd

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