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My Journey to Becoming a One of the Millions Global Vocal Live-Streaming Artist

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 5 May 2021 | Views [169]

Music, like life, is a journey. You may hear and appreciate both good and bad music because it reflects your life experiences. I'm not sure what yours is. In 2006, I turned off my radio because I didn't want to hear my vocals anymore, which means I didn't want to show off publicly what I had invested since I began singing in the 1980s. Where I remember is the song "Memory" from the famous Cats Musical sung by Barbra Streisand which is my first song that I reprise over and over again.

My mother was the one who first inspired me to sing when she practiced at home for her presentation at the TV station's Christmas party. I remember taking the lyrics and playing the cassette tape after her practice and starting to sing by myself. That is how it began, even though my voice is not widely appreciated, and I was surprised when my teacher told me to sing in front of the class with my friend Eric, who was my classmate at the time. We even request to go room by room to sing to all sections in our level until we become known and we were recommended to join the school choir. My first music teachers were strict; I recall Sir Paragas and Maam Mariano from Tetuan Central School using sticks whenever we made mistakes in the notes or anything else, but I appreciate how they shaped my character and vocal growth and development.

During my high school years, I became so obsessed with music that I would save my parents' baon money just to buy a minus one tape of my favorite singer/artist. I even put my picture on a cassette tape to motivate or inspire myself to create my own music album sooner rather than later. This is my level of ambition. The craziest thing is that whenever I see hills during an excursion with my high school friends, I run towards them and sing the song from the musical film "the hills are alive with the sound of music" hahhahah it was such a very funny experience back then that I will never forget.

After high school, the radio gradually faded to silence. I sing by myself and do not want to show it to others. It was an experience that made you want to avoid being in the public eye, as I had done in my early years. I'd like to be quiet and concentrate more on my studies.

Thirteen years after when I was having a training abroad. I met a Belgian student doctor and a pianist who performs at a concert by a well-known artist. We never stop communicating even I return back home and work in other country after. I remember her telling me she already performs at a very young age to Madonna's concert in Belgium. We are also apartment mates because our apartments are only next to each other. We grew so close that we didn't miss playing music even for a single day physically and even virtual. She was the one who engraved my heart name "RIDO" and also trained me in vocalization until she died in a car accident, and since then I've hated music and don't even like to sing. When music becomes my adversary, everything goes south. I don't even want to entertain friends because it serves no purpose. My passion in singing has no future. 2006 was the year that rendered my future worthless due to unfulfilled promises.

Time passes and it heals as my interests shift from singing to mountaineering and marathon running, but there is still vocalization I do while listening to the dancing of the leaves of the trees, the chirping of the crickets, and the birds singing while I do the do re mi alone in the woods of Bukid Shabandar, Brunei Darussalam.

Later, I didn't realize how much music still loves me until I began to share my posts on social media about jamming alone and enjoying recording by myself in the quiet evening of April 20, 2021. I'm playing a few of my favorite songs. It was only to chill myself alone instead of taking toquilla to distract myself from boredom. I also share it on Facebook and YouTube for personal motivation. I don't care who likes it, who loves it, who hates it, or who subscribes to it; I just want to pour myself a positivity into my life and not being selfish about sharing my positivity with others. For me, that is what social media is all about.

After uploading to fifteen songs on my playlist, one song stands out above the rest. It reminds me not to give up on my passion no matter what. Thank you to the talent scout who noticed and appreciated my voice. I'm looking forward to soon entertaining the global fans via live streaming.

I'll never forget May 3, 2021, when I realized that music is a personal journey. If others abandon you, reject you, music will always be there to comfort you "with a smile” (eraserheads).




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