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Delhi: Our last in India

INDIA | Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009 | Views [293]

After a super early start at 3.30 am after not a lot of sleep, we got on the train to Delhi at 5.30 and crashed out until we arrived at 12 noon. Stepping out of Old Delhi train station we were bombarded by tuc tuc drivers quoting ridiculous prices for ... Read more >

Jaipur...the second time!

INDIA | Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009 | Views [424]

We were up early again the next morning so that we could do a full day of sight seeing and shopping in Jaipur as it was our last full day with the three of us together and almost our last day in India. In the morning Jacqui took Michele to her favourite ... Read more >


INDIA | Monday, 6 Apr 2009 | Views [542]

Very tired and hot and sweaty, we arrived in Bundi. As the bus approached the town we saw an striking building on the hillside, built into the side of the hil, with a fort wall surrounding it. On closer inspection we could also see a large fort on ... Read more >

Pushy Pushkar

INDIA | Friday, 3 Apr 2009 | Views [674]

We rocked up at the bus station and found a bus to Ajmer, which is the main town near Pushkar. We managed to find a super posh super fast express that only took 3 hours J a nice introduction for Michele to Indian driving. We changed in Ajmer ... Read more >

Jaipur (the first time...)

INDIA | Thursday, 2 Apr 2009 | Views [396]

We arrived in the busy train station of Jaipur super early, it was 5am and we had not had much sleep. After a couple of chai, we took a rickshaw to the hotel where we were meeting Michele and we crashed out for a while before having a nice breakfast ... Read more >


INDIA | Monday, 30 Mar 2009 | Views [387]

The overnight train journey was quite rough. We were woken up several time by the super loud train horn, at one point we thought that the train driver had fallen asleep on the horn! Our allocated bunks were really small and then Marc had to change it ... Read more >


INDIA | Friday, 27 Mar 2009 | Views [474]

We arrived the night in Bickaner after a journey train of 8 hours. As usual when we descended from the train a crowd of tuc-tuc drivers asked us if we wanted a ride for our hotel, but our hotel was quite close to the train station so we walked for ... Read more >

Gallery: India

INDIA | Thursday, 26 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

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INDIA | Wednesday, 25 Mar 2009 | Views [395]

Jodhpur was under the sign of “rest”. We had a hotel with a nice roof top view of the old town and the fort. We wandered around the narrow street flanked by old typical 2 story buildings. This created lots of shad and made the streets cool as we were ... Read more >

The fort of Kumbalgarh and the temple of Ranakpur

INDIA | Tuesday, 24 Mar 2009 | Views [936]

The journey to Kumbalgarh was really nice, Rais stopped in few nice places to take some pictures of camels, a cow powered irrigation system to distribute water from a well etc. When we arrived at our destination, as usual, we were surprised of the ... Read more >


INDIA | Saturday, 21 Mar 2009 | Views [601]

We arrived in Udaipur after an overnight train and found a really nice tuc-tuc driver when we came out the station. He advised us to go to one of his friends places (of course), a haveli (old style house with a courtyard) guest house that looked out ... Read more >

Agra the Taj Mahal and the Fort

INDIA | Thursday, 19 Mar 2009 | Views [448]

  It was really a struggle to get out of bed early the next day, but rise early we must to avoid the crowds at the Taj Mahal. After walking 2 minutes to the East gate (stopping on the way for a much needed caffeine boost!) we arrived inside ... Read more >

23 hrs on the train

INDIA | Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009 | Views [395]

The trip from Bombay to Agra was the longest yet but we were travelling in style in the 2AC class. We each had a bunk with a little curtain that we could close. We crashed into bed and woke up the next morning to quite different ... Read more >


INDIA | Monday, 16 Mar 2009 | Views [426]

According to lonely planet, the Goa - Mumbai train is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in India and it’s true it was quite amazing. We thought that we would be able see the sea from the train but during the ... Read more >


INDIA | Saturday, 14 Mar 2009 | Views [458]

Arriving at the at the train station at 6am in Magaon, we waited for 2 hours on the platform, even the next train came before ours. This trip was hot and long, as we didn’t book a seat in AC (air conditioning). Jacquie had her first stomach ... Read more >

Hampi and Hospet

INDIA | Friday, 13 Mar 2009 | Views [319]

The overnight train journey, our first in India , was pretty uneventful and we both managed to get some (interrupted) sleep. About one hour in to the journey, Marc was already fast asleep when the ticket controller came round and switched on all ... Read more >


INDIA | Thursday, 12 Mar 2009 | Views [406]

On the train to Bangalore from Mysore we spent gazing out the window looking at the sky as many impressive and dark rain clouds were pushing their way into the blue sky. Arriving in Bangalore our first mission was to locate the cloakroom ... Read more >


INDIA | Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | Views [503]

The next morning brought the beginning of our long trip north, to Rajasthan. We trudged down to the bus station in ooty and jumped on the first bus to Mysore . We were pleasantly surprised by the comfy cushioned seats and several (welcome) toilet ... Read more >

Ooty via Coimbatore

INDIA | Monday, 9 Mar 2009 | Views [1204]

In order to catch the ‘toy train’ to Ooty we had to spend a night in Coimbatore , a rather industrial town in the north of Tamil Nadu. After a relatively quick train journey from Cochi to Coimbatore we had an afternoon to spare in town. ... Read more >

Fort Cochin

INDIA | Tuesday, 3 Mar 2009 | Views [632]

                             The trip to Cochin was a quite short, the bus landed us at the gate of Ernakalum, but it was not our final destination, we were going to Fort Cohcin. Fort Cochin it’s a place which was colonised by Dutch and Portuguese ... Read more >

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