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About paul_meet_world

Four years ago I graduated college. I had held out all through school to travel abroad - I didn't have the time or money to spend a semester overseas, I thought. When I graduated I took a look at my finances, and more specifically, my massive student debt and realized that I still couldn't afford to travel.

I spent three years working, paying off my debt and saving up my money so that I could accomplish my dream: an around-the-world trip. There were setbacks and moments of doubt, but here I am, traveling the world, seeing the sights.

I'm a look-before-you-leap kind of guy, and though I spent the past couple months reading everything I could get my hands on about what to do when you're the only one you know in a country full of strangers, I've been leaping out of planes ever since.

Listen, learn, try new things and learn to always say yes - these are the words I'm trying to live by these days. Feel free to ride along and peer over my shoulder as I do my best to get a little more well-traveled.

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