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Jersey Girl

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 31 August 2009 | Views [679]

(Jan 09)

Perhaps a trip to Jersey to visit Rocky was the thing I needed to put me back in the land of the living both emotionally and physically. After a few weeks sitting in the flat in London barely able to venture down the block to even get groceries unless I was severely medicated- I was ready to leave the house, put on a brave face, see somewhere new and realistically have an old friend look after me. In theory it was just what I needed. A nice restful break on one of the Channel Islands- it was a good theory, I just didn’t really get the whole RESTFUL part of the holiday. I honestly think I came back even more tired than when I left. The reason for this is that Rocky is one of the worst sleep talkers on the planet!


At the time when I visited she had been having some dramas at work and while she held it in quite well during the day it was all vented quite vocally during the night time. Here is a girl that not only sleep talks, she also manages to sleep walk, sleep yell, sleep drink, sleep turn the damn light on and sleep kick. Not the most restful person to share a room with! In a way I suppose it was sort of nice, purely for the fact that it made me focus on something else other than what was depressing me- it just would have been nice to get some sleep!


Other than that I found it quite a therapeutic holiday: long walks on the beach, random wandering around town, shopping (not that I bought anything decent) and good company. The highlight of the trip was finding 40 quid on the ground in a department store. No I didn’t keep it, I handed it in like the very responsible citizen that I am but I believe that I got a big dose of good karma from that- well things couldn’t get much worse and the last thing I bloody needed was to anger the karma gods. After handing it in I actually felt marginally good about myself- I suppose that made it worth it.

Jersey really is quite a nice place. Ideally i will go back one day when i am in a little bit better frame of mind and then hopefully i will appreciate it more. 


So while my holiday was anything but restful I was marginally healthier and had even managed some smiles. As they say at Tesco- “every little helps”.

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