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Wet, cold, bloody awesome!

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 20 March 2008 | Views [321]

I went to Brighton on the weekend. It was a typical english holiday by the seaside. That is, it rained all the time. But honestly i had such an awesome time. Brighton is fantastic! I met Emma there on the friday night, we were staying at a b&b across the road from the beach . It was called the kings hotel or something and i can totally recommend it. We went out that night for ridiculously good thai and a wander round. The next morning we got out of bed (bloody comfy beds) early (yes i know very unlike both of us) had a lovely breakfast, and the went to the brighton royal pavillion. Now there is a place that makes me wish i was royalty. It is beyond comprehension how lavish it is and hown much i would like to own it. The definate highlight was the dining room which is unbeleiveable. I think the guy who built it had a bit of a dragon fetish but it totally works. Ths dining room has the most awesome chandeleir thing.

So after a few happy  hpours there we had lunch on the beach (which was covered in rocks- bit weired really. I ran into the water, swore alot because of how freezing it was, got the bottom of my 3/4 trousers soaking wet, and then screamed and swore a little more. Bit cold for a swim this time of year i gather.

Next we went to the peir which was so fun. Unlimited rides for £15. They weren't the most exciting rides on earth but they were pretty good considering. Then it started to rain. Alot. I guess they must be used to this sort of thing happening there cos they didn't shut down any of the rides. You haven't lived untill you've been on a rollercoaster in the pouring rain. We got drenched. And there really wasn't much point using your umbrella cos it was so windy you got soaked anyhow. So we went on all the rides again. They had this one where they like lift you up on this crane thing ridiculously high out over the water at the end of the pier and then they drop you and you freefally back and forth like a gaint swing. Yes it was kinda scary but the worst ting about it is how bloody cold it is when they lift you up. I of course in my usual aversion to wearing suitalble clothing for th weather was in thin 3/4 pants and my wallabies jersey and had thongs on. I had to take my thongs off for the ride so they would go flying off into to ocean when we were dropped but it was so bloody freezing hanging up there high over the water in innappropriate clothing with no shoes on in the wind and rain i'm sure i was blue when we finally got off the ride!

I'm sorry if i'm on a seaside holiday i should have to wear thermals. I don't care what time of year it is!

So anyhow the pier was awesome. We both got a small fairy floss on a stick and i'm not kidding, it was bigger tham my head, i'd say twice as big (and i'm a boofhead). I would have liked to have seen the large one.

After that we had a lovely dinner at the restaurant at the motel (it was too rainy and we didn't feel like getting saturated again. I had the roast duck (i eat duck now! its really good done right)and we had an excellent and somewhat expensive bottle of french wine. I'm definately going through a wine phase.

Apart from all of this we had a lovely mornings shopping on sunday. ANd an allover relaxing weekend. I really needed it!

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