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Bemused and befuddled

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 7 February 2008 | Views [703] | Comments [7]

So i've started my new job. And it's ummmm.....different. Let me get this straight, everyone is really nice, has been really helpful etc. etc...but.... well i hate not knowing what i'm doing you know. It's so frustrating i feel like a student again. The equipment is very different, i have no idea with the PACS thing (damn liverpool being so slow to get current software) and they have the strangest protocols and exposure techniques. I HATE NOT KNOWING WHAT I'M DOING!!!!!!! I never thought i'd say this but i kinda, slightly, just a little bit might miss liverpool. But don't tell anyone!

Anyhow, that vented , things are pretty good. Winchester is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to go exploring properly. The accomodation i'm staying at isn't brilliant but its close to work. (Note to self: must relocate some blankets from work so i don't keep freezing at night-bloody cold english weather and shitty heating).

Heres hoping i stop being so dopey. It's just xrays after all.

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Hey Nads!
I never thought the exposures and protocols would be that different. But at least you have PACS. Funny how the only way to get PACS is to change countries. I've been having weird dreams about spending lots in Europe, being robbed and falling on the Snow, and I'm not even going skiing! Probably just stress.
Are squirels cute in real life?

  chereeday Feb 7, 2008 9:53 AM


hi nads nice to here from u .. was thinking about u today in the toliets... sounds gross i know but i was just washing my hands when the thought of u popped into my head

how are things.. hey i realised my commnet has nothing to do with this blog site.. so ill just email u instead.

  thu tran Feb 7, 2008 1:12 PM


Hey Nadz!!!!
Sounds like work is heaps fun!!! Its the best not knowing how things work in the work place hey!!!! thats what makes work exiting!!!! It will soon become routine!!!! :) :)
Meanwhile back at the wranch, just done 5 hours of work and missing my Drewie ridiculously!!!!
Anyways Nadz so good to hear you are doing well and if worse comes to worse when im really really cold and nothing can warm me up i do like 10 squats and im like swetting!!! They really work believe me!!! thas my winter warmth!!!! Try it let me know if it works!!! Just try!!! :)

  Maria Feb 7, 2008 2:48 PM


you see how much we looked after you.......... oh no nadia is independant now hahahahahaha.....

cold fucking wheather ....... pomes can't even get that right. im glad you have got there safely and already we miss you.............

take care

  charbel Feb 7, 2008 8:42 PM


meanwhile back in livo nightshift is (insert sarcastic tone here)awesome!!. and really if you didnt know that it was going to be cold over there you should have researched it a bit better before going.
did you know the sydney funnelweb is the worlds most deadly spider it releases 110 ml of venom in a single bite and can bite through a finger nail, although daza reckons that i got mixed up between the spider and the snake either way its bad and your whinging about a little cold weather. its cold here to you know.it got down to 22 last night i almost had to turn the fan down. stuff it that will do were going up to do the mobile round.
PS i want your babies and dazza misses your shoes

  minno and chippo Feb 8, 2008 5:13 AM


Stop your whining and just enjoy it you goose!!! You've only just started, i'm sure you'll get used to it! Remember......my first day at my new job when I went overseas consisted of manufacturing a fake ID and going to the "Ole Ingram Social Club" and drinking myself silly.... So, basically - there will be good times and bad - just chalk it all up to being an "EXPERIENCE!"

That's my words of wisdom for you!
Towels are great, shampoo smells yummy and you've got the best taste in Knickers for your sister!


  Your Big Blister Feb 8, 2008 10:43 PM


sounds like ur havin an absolutly fantatic time nads, now that ur gone whose suppose 2 give me fake awkward hugs, hello?????

note to self:- save money for an air ticket, for when nadia marries a swedish guy named Sven :P

lots of love anna

  Anna Feb 10, 2008 4:49 PM

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