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Vignettes of a Lazy Traveller

Winter, get thee out of my underpants

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 20 Aug 2010 | Views [436]

Winter, get thee out of my underpants For my bottom is so weary Of being cold Numbed by fickle wind That creeps under my doors Between my sheets To steal my hard-won warmth ... Read more >

Tags: bottom, cold, summer, toes, underpants, winter

Midnight Ratty wars.

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 14 Aug 2010 | Views [355]

She chased ratty off with a blackened poker she'd placed by her bed for precisely that purpose It had been crunching in the night trying to get at goodies behind loud plastic and rustling paper The. Little. Bastard. She had accepted the ... Read more >

Tags: poker, rapier, rat, ratty, soot, war

Little Owies

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 19 Apr 2010 | Views [518]

i keep bumping things like couches with my little toes desk corners with my thighs and fingers with my car door little owies ow ow owies that make not a sound or a whimper until i am alone in bed and then they scream for a kiss ... Read more >

Tags: bruise, bumps, butter makes it better, kisses, lips too tight, misses, owies, pashing flu

Three Minutes

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 9 Mar 2010 | Views [451]

I lost something of mine today Something I value. Something I know is now lost forever and I will never get back. If you paid me for it it would only be worth $2.40 on the open market. But it is worth so much more to me.  I didn't lose it because ... Read more >

Tags: clocks, losing three minutes, lost, minutes, new job, time, what is time worth?

A no-handed song in her heart

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009 | Views [668] | Comments [4]

It is not a day for bicycles As she pedals downhill into a blustery headwind A coldness just off pinpricking snow Head down and hands burning But, on recollection T'was warm this morning Spring-like, even And with the wind behind ... Read more >

Tags: bicycle, no hands, wind

SciFi Speedo Torpedoes

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009 | Views [480]

I stand in my room and pull on some slightly short white fishnet stockings over some other slightly shorter white opaque stockings. The cotton gussets overlap with a half inch gap and they still sit a good two inches below my crotch. mmm. attractive.... Read more >

Tags: boobs, glowsticks, speedo, torpedos

Coming home.

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 1 Jul 2009 | Views [586] | Comments [2]

When is the right time to come home? For some people it is a year For others a month For my sister who went to Hawaii it was 2 days (I got a postcard that said "Hawaii is alright, but I miss my dogs. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend. I want to go ... Read more >

Tags: cat, coming home

Over the dust

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 14 May 2009 | Views [861]

I have dust in my hair and dust up my nose. I hold a hankerchief there in case it will help. It doesn´t really. I look around the bus and no one else is bothered. Oh yes, there is a dainty looking Irish girl doing the same thing. I could be worried about ... Read more >

Tags: bolivia, desert, dust, water

I got the hips of a cowgirl

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 10 May 2009 | Views [615]

I'm on a horse, clip clopping through a dusty border town. The horse's name is something in spanish I can no longer remember. Names don't matter, not between a cowgirl and her steed. We communicate through the reins, my hands and my thighs. I sit ... Read more >

Tags: cowgirl, gallop, horse

Lost in La Paz

PERU | Friday, 8 May 2009 | Views [1063] | Comments [1]

The beds are hard and lumpy, the only shower that works is lukewarm, breakfast is not included, all rooms open out onto the central, very loud courtyard where groups of Israeli backpackers sit and smoke endless cigarettes. But it does smell better ... Read more >

Tags: api, la paz, lost, shopping, witches

Half of too much

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 1 May 2009 | Views [385]

Sound advice from a tired friend: Its good to cover an eye she says as she sits and covers an eye, she says head down on the table cos she´s no longer able to make sense of it all cos she is muy cansada it´s too hard this, she says trying ... Read more >

Tags: eye, muy cansada

Patience honed

PERU | Friday, 1 May 2009 | Views [634] | Comments [3]

I have patience honed I sit on a boat, waiting, whilst the captain, a smiling man with leathery skin, a handknitted hat and dry dry feet does something underneath the decking. His first mate hustles up some more business. I am grateful for this, ... Read more >

Tags: boat, captain, patience

La drunken perdida

PERU | Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009 | Views [790]

She is passed out on the couch to the side of the bar. Though she rouses herself enough to lean over the arm of the chair and throw up. I can´t see her face, but she is pale and wears the tell all travel shoes. -Do you speak English? I ask, confident ... Read more >

Tags: drunk, lost, new zealand, perdida

el Pelea de Toros

PERU | Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009 | Views [1278] | Comments [1]

There is a sea of pale straw larger-than-life cowboy hats that only come out on occasions such as this. We purchase an umbrella from one of the dudes walking around which later inspires the occasional beer bottle caps to be thrown at us throughout the ... Read more >

Tags: bullfighting, bulls, hats, sport, toros

Up we go

PERU | Sunday, 26 Apr 2009 | Views [1030] | Comments [6]

Up we go. 6075 metres above sea level is our goal.  We cheat by getting a troupie to drive us up to 4030. I get out of the car with a dizzy head. My lungs try to be bigger. My heart pumps faster to try and compensate. We pack our bags and walk ... Read more >

Tags: altitude sickness, caffeine, up, volcano

Oh it´s the convent life for me sing it

PERU | Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009 | Views [534] | Comments [1]

But today, I´m playing being a nun. I pay a large fee at sunset to be allowed into a 15th Century convent. Someone leaves candles in the corners of the rooms so one can see ghosts in the the twisting, rocky, catacomb-like, barricaded city within a city.... Read more >

Tags: amazing grace, convent, nun, nunnery

Reality Check 101

CHILE | Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009 | Views [636]

She swings dramatically between two camps: 1) wanting to go home now and 2) to keep travelling, finding new homes and new friends forever . These two extremes oscillate with the time of day, amount of food in her belly, liquid in her head, how many ... Read more >

Tags: backpacker, exchange, oscillate, rich, tourist

The full moon harvest

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 16 Apr 2009 | Views [774] | Comments [2]

By the light of the full moon they dig a hole in an ancient ritual modernised by the regular flash of multiple rich tourist Argentinian cameras. The hole is for Pachamama: the Earth Goddess. "You put in what you want the Earth to give you back"... Read more >

Tags: fingerprint, full moon, harvest, sticky

The best game ever

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 16 Apr 2009 | Views [697] | Comments [2]

I'm playing hide and seek. On this computer that is a french expat and hides the keys from me. Only the most useful ones...ovbiously I use the 'a', 'm' and '.' keys way too much for the french alphabet... Now I think of it I have ... Read more >

Tags: games, hitching, treasure hunt

Un cancion Castellano, Una canciona Australiana

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 5 Apr 2009 | Views [769] | Comments [3]

Un cancion Castellano Un cancion Australiano One Spanish song, One Australian song he says with the confidence of a Rajah. We have found Carlos, a young man in a much much older body, from a family of winemakers. Here at his bodega (vineyard) ... Read more >

Tags: bodega, carlos, castellano, song, wine

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