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AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 February 2009 | Views [736] | Comments [2]

As the latest friend calls up and speaks of how her lovely but stupid boyfriend just dumped her, I need to ask the question:

Does the percentage chance of finding a reasonably commited beloved dramatically reduce with the relative happiness, health, intelligence, attractiveness, talent and sense of humour of the individual?

I only ask because it seems to me that whilst everyone I consider to be my friends could be described as the above, a good two thirds of them are single. The other third are actually together.

It would be logical to me that if it were truly equal chance then the proportions should be more like 50-50.

It must be noted that most of my single friends are hetrosexual females. I'm not even going to contemplate why

Cos maybe there's someone out there who is in the same boat and just knows more awesome single hetero males? Or at least one?

If so, please call me to donate a truly awesome single heterosexual male to the cause (if you have any spare) so my awesome sheila-friends can make awesome babies with your awesome bloke-friends (providing they agree of course).

Cos I wish the world was peopled by more awesome people like them

(or all you coupled ones will have to have 6 kids to compensate, no arguments please)

Thankyou for your time.

A community message from a slightly jaded contextual space.

Tags: awesome, babies, jaded, procreation, single



Oh my goodness Melissa you are seriously without a doubt completely hilarious!!!!!!
I think we should start a campaign or at the very least a matchmaking service.

  Nellie Feb 20, 2009 10:37 AM


I do believe that a little box that loops the sounds round and round can aid in filling up time while the single heterosexual female waits for that single heterosexual male to appear (god knows where he will appear from - i am hoping not suddenly from behind a bush). Mel i think that an ode to the looping pedal is in order.

  Mez Feb 24, 2009 9:05 PM



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