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ROMANIA | Tuesday, 7 Aug 2012 | Views [798]

There's aren't many ways to get off an island. In milleniums gone past, we might have done it the manly way by usig a raft. Risks included such activities as going for a prolonged swim,  partaking in a fish supper or discover Skull Island. The island ... Read more >

Tags: bucharest, romania

Photos: Brasov and Sinaia

ROMANIA | Sunday, 5 Aug 2012 | Photo Gallery

Brasov and Sinaia
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ROMANIA | Sunday, 5 Aug 2012 | Views [983]

I'm on my way back to Bucharest today from Brasov. The "other" place that's highly recommended in Romania is Sinaia. It's on the way to Bucharest by train anyway. The train station in Sinaia has a left luggage, making it perfect place for ... Read more >

Tags: peles castle, romania, sinaia, sinaia monastery


ROMANIA | Saturday, 4 Aug 2012 | Views [414]

Getting to Braşov is very easy, due to the fact that it is a major Romanian railway hub. I'm watching the departure board as the arrival time of my Brasov bound train is delayed. Slowly the expected time of arrival is updated, 15 minutes late, 30 ... Read more >

Photos: Heraklion

GREECE | Thursday, 2 Aug 2012 | Photo Gallery

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GREECE | Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012 | Views [479]

I'm have to bid a reluctant farewell to mainland Greece today. There's a lot more still to see, but I'm rapidly running out of time to visiting Europe. I have to get up at a shocking 6 in the morning to catch a bus to Athens for a flight. Heraklion ... Read more >

Tags: crete, greece, heraklion, knossos, minoan

Photos: Nafplio

GREECE | Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

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GREECE | Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | Views [396]

Mycenae is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the archaeological site of an ancient Greek civilisation. During the bronze age, sometime in the 2nd millennium BC, Mycenae was one of the major military powers of Greece. Their pre-eminence is such that, ... Read more >


GREECE | Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | Views [360]

It's apparently not possible to travel further south into the Peloponnese on a Sunday and the thought of staying for another day in Olympia was just too painful. So I decided to head to Nafplio, which the involves going back to Corinth, where I came ... Read more >

Tags: greece, nafplio

Photos: Olympia

GREECE | Sunday, 29 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Opening Ceremony in Olympia

GREECE | Sunday, 29 Jul 2012 | Views [452]

I got up fairly early to get the bus from the centre of Corinth to the Isthmus bus station, only to find out that the buses to Olympia were full up and the next available seat was 12, a wait of 2.5 hours. The bus station is only a 5 minute walk to the ... Read more >

Photos: Corinth

GREECE | Friday, 27 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

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GREECE | Friday, 27 Jul 2012 | Views [942]

  Corinth, home of the ancient city state of the same name. There's actually 2 Corinths. Ancient Corinth, the original site was destroyed in the earthquake of 1858 and New Corinth was built after this, in and around the ancient Corinth.  ... Read more >

Tags: acrocorinth, corinth, greece, walk

Photos: Port Sounion

GREECE | Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

Port Sounion
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Athens - Day 6 - Temple of Sounion

GREECE | Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012 | Views [388]

It's my last day in Athens and I don't want to do anything too strenuous ahead of a blitz through Peloponnese. So it's another day trip. This time to Port Sounoin to see the Temple of Poseidon. Actually, I suspect it's only going to be a halfway trip, ... Read more >

Tags: athens, greece, sounion, temple of poseidon

Photos: Delphi

GREECE | Tuesday, 24 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Athens - Day 5 - Delphi

GREECE | Tuesday, 24 Jul 2012 | Views [1183]

Today, I'm heading out to Delphi to see the ancient site of the Oracle. OK, it's not exactly Athens, more than 3 hours out in fact. The ancient Greek world considered Delphi a sacred site, an important  a site of worship of Apollo. Delphi is also ... Read more >

Tags: apollo, athens, delphi, greece, unesco

Athens - Day 4 - Exploring Syntagma Area

GREECE | Monday, 23 Jul 2012 | Views [438]

It's the fourth day in a row of temperatures in the mid 30s. My plan revolves around doing as much as I can to justify being in Athens. Then as little as I can to justify leaving the lovely cool air condition piece of heaven that is my hotel room.... Read more >

Tags: athens, greece, kerameilkos, panathinaikos, parliament

Photos: Athens

GREECE | Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Athens - Day 3 - Acropolis and The Ancient Stuff

GREECE | Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 | Views [1609]

It's a Saturday today and it's only now occurred to me that my plan to do the Acropolis on a weekend was a huge mistake. So I'm resolved to get up as early as possible to get to the Acropolis for the 8am opening time. Imagine my happiness when I get ... Read more >

Tags: acropolis, agora, athens, greece, hadrians library, museums, scams, temple of zeus, unesco

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