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THAILAND | Tuesday, 29 January 2013 | Views [182]

Waking up- I've lost my keys. I'm shitting myself, can't afford to change the lock. Did I leave it in the scoot? Nope. In my pocket? Nope. In the fire? Nope. Thankgod it was handed in. My luck is terrible! We stop off at a nice little spot just at the bottom of our road and have brekkie- Frans & I can't resist a truffle magnum though, yuuuuum :)

We head out to the caves. Takes us awhile to get going as some of us stop for fuel and Frans & Evan scoot off and wait at the bottom not knowing whats going on.. hahah.. Its a hard drive, and its cold in the moutains and I'm a bit sleepy.. The views again pick me up and I remember where I am, its amazing. Still not as stunning as NZ, but its still something special. We find a cool little place to stop and have lunch- and I'm finding that ordering in Thai is becoming much more fluent and its enjoyable having to order for a bigger group rather than myself cos its meaning I get to practice different ways etc.. I introduce Pad Kaprow to Evan & Frans and we all scoff it down fairly quickly.... Feeling tiered still tho, hhhmm?

The road from the resturant to the caves was intense forest with some awesome roads, I really enjoyed the drive, but getting off the bike to the caves was awesome on my bum, geeeeze it hurts. I grab us all ice creams (magum truffle, of course!) and we walk down to the caves. With these caves you have to take a bamboo raft through the entrance.. We figure we don't HAVE to have one, and we'll change not hiring out a guide, which seems silly right? After feeding the fish (and they're HUGE) we attempt to enter the cave, without torches... We figure it can't be done. They don't allow us to have 5 on 1 raft- But there are 2 guys on their own and I suggest that 2 should pair up with them and split the cost. Dom, Stijn & I split 550B between us, which ends up being nothing- we get on our raft and taken through the cave.... its super errie and it feels like the fish are taking us along the river, there are LOADs of them. We pull up and get shown around part of the cave & its huge. We get taken around the cave a bit more, up some steep ass steps and back on the raft- Its my favourite part- Dom even gets shat on by a bat! hahahahaa.. The bats are super cool and when we shine the torch on them their eyes are refelecting back on us and its super creepy. I love it. So worth the money and the raft was SUPER cool. I felt like a pirate, but maybe with out the treasure at the end? haha.

We decided to head back as its getting late, and none of us are keen for night driving... on the way back driving through the village we encounter some kids making rather rude gesutres at us which sets us off it a fit of giggles, hahaha.

We get back just as it starts getting dark, battling through these bugs that were throwing themselfs in my face.... urrgh.. ahaha. Poor Evan had a little slide on the way down, not bad, but enough to rattle him a little, so I'm glad we're back down.

Getting back, we relax, warm up and head out to town- we sit down, have some food and take a walk around the market again just scoffing on food... On the way back we grab some beers and head back to bungalow. We end up just chilling on our deck- I nearly fall asleep listening to Evan his amazing guitar playing in my hammock and its definately time for bed--- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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