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THAILAND | Wednesday, 21 November 2012 | Views [164]

aaaaargh!!!!!! Nearly finished the course. I'm feeling a bit weird about it, its like I'm being let out into the real world, and I don't quite know what I'm doing?!

Spoken to one of the jobs this arvo and its in the south, saw the website for the school and I just can't see myself there.. I'm worried that this isn't something I want to do anymore? I don't know what age I want to teach and Thai schools are so proper? I think I need a holiday from a holiday, so I may go do the islands over the weekend, en route to BBK and then spend a few days there, then head north.. So at least I feel like I've seen some of the country and that. But having said that I could just get straight into it, get paid and forget my worries? hhhmm, we'll see what I feel like at the end of the week.

I'm definately starting to feel lonely, it sucks. You meet people, who then leave after a few days then I just feel weird again. Then sometimes you get idiots coming into the dorm who I just don't like the look of, and they irritate me! Coming in at 2am, leaving the lights on is just irritating. Been the worst group of people in the dorm in 3 weeks. haha. I think I'm definately having one of those days- Got myself back on the pill and think thats definately tampering with my emotions, so apologies for the ups and downs in my writings. 

Class went well- ish. I tried some new materials today, and some of them worked, some of them didn't.. Which is fine, cos I wanted it to be a trail and error. I was happy that my teachers said that my ideas have been the best they've seen on the TEFL course and thats something that makes me happy. 

A friend of mine that I had met whilst doing my harvest work in South Australia came last night with a group of friends, who'd hired a 9 persons mini van and drove from just out side Pai to Phuket.. I'm so jealous, I love road trips and in Thailand would have been awesome. We went down to the beach with a few beers a a doobie- and then the heavens opened. We ran for cover under one of the tents and sat there for awhile having lost 2 of the others. Managed to see them hiding for shelter a little further up, so we decided to make a run for it.. We find a cover of some sort, like a tent- I think it was a rain sheild for the massage beds that we were sitting on.. So 6 of us cram under it holding it up and running in unison along the beach to this other hut- We must of looked like crazy people, it was hilarious. After sitting with the others for a bit I notice I gotta go home.. Gotta get up for school tomorrow.. So I just head back and crash out. 

Gotta pick up my kindle this arvo which I'm super happy about.. So glad its come, just hope I can find it. My mac is braking, not sure why??? That's peeved me off to say the least, the last thing I want to fork out for is another computer. In the morning it just doesn't want to turn on and I gotta keep holding down the power button, then restart it.. Its like its run out of battery, but the charger has been connected all night?! There's an Apple store here in Phuket, but i bet they won't understand what on earth I'm on about.. gggrrrr.. Apparently Macs are cheap in Singers, so I might take a boarder run there at some point and upgrade to a pro.. Its about time, this one is falling apart, and I've never dropped it- YOU SUCK MACBOOK!

*Tom and his friends are going to the full moon party which is next Wednesday, and I'm kinda tempted to go, they're a good laugh, and the girls are hilarious, I think we'd have a blast.. I'll see how I feel around Sunday, and head up there with them perhaps?


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