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The trail east

USA | Monday, 29 Jun 2009 | Views [461] | Comments [1]

I'm home but let me recount the rest of the journey.  Crockett and I pulled out of Grand Junction Friday morning in the mist and low hanging clouds.  Way cool.  I have a pic in the gallery.  The trip east along I-70 was as pretty as the trip west.  The ... Read more >

Moab; and another must see drive: UT-128

USA | Thursday, 25 Jun 2009 | Views [595] | Comments [5]

What a great day. We slept in and cut our jeep crawl from a full day to a half day. A ton of fun though once we got going. We crawled all over the Fins & Things Jeep trail of the BLM’s Flat Rock Recreation Area. At some moments we were bumping around, ... Read more >

CSU; RMNP; and the Colorado River west

USA | Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009 | Views [258]

The campus of Colorado State Univerity was pleasant.  Not as picturesque as CU in Boulder but still very nice with lots of green space.  In fact, CSU is real into all things Green.  They do have the program Crockett is interested in, Environmental Engineering, ... Read more >

Boulder to Fort Collins

USA | Monday, 22 Jun 2009 | Views [341] | Comments [1]

We have had a full day.  This morning we had a college visit at CU, the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Wow, what a beautiful campus.  Its not like the beautiful campuses we have back home in Oxford, Baton Rouge, etc.  This has the back drop of the ... Read more >


USA | Sunday, 21 Jun 2009 | Views [280] | Comments [1]

Well, I left Hays, Kansas this morning around 6:30.  The plains opened before me.  As far as the eye can see.  Near Colby, Pikes Peak became visible.  I took some shots but I'm not sure what you can see in them  (in the gallery.)  I got to the Denver ... Read more >

Bank of Daddy, Branson and the Road West

USA | Saturday, 20 Jun 2009 | Views [295] | Comments [1]

Seeing Massey was wonderful.  she is doing great at Kanakuk's KAA, Kids Across America, camps for inner-city kids.  She took her "two-four" to spend time with me, about 18 hours worth.  We ate and shopped.  I bought gas and a carwash for her, ... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 | Views [251] | Comments [3]

Packing can be a chore for a road trip.  Do you plan for hot weather?  Cool weather in the mountains?  Rain?  The answer is yes.  And while I will hotel it most nights this trip, I've got 2-3 nights camping so that means you've got to get the right gear.... Read more >

Gallery: Summer 2009

USA | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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TIme to be moving

USA | Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009 | Views [425] | Comments [4]

Its finally summer here and its time to jump in the car and take off.  Cray is not going with me on this jaunt but thats ok.  He and I made it to Mammoth Cave NP last fall, the Statue of Liberty this spring and intend to go to Cuyahoga River Valley NP ... Read more >

Journey's End

USA | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Views [327] | Comments [4]

4490 miles and 15 states.  I feel like the Rolling Stones.  I was in the car for 81 hours, used 226.9 gallons of regular unleaded and had a trip average 19.7 mpg.  I figure my gas cost was about $885.  I bought a dozen bags of ice, slept in three campgrounds ... Read more >

Homeward Bound

USA | Saturday, 21 Jun 2008 | Views [338]

From Limon, CO south and east through the Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas plains, the prairie was again vast, expansive. The difference was that the color had changed from green to various shades of brown. Drought was very apparent. The vistas are not the ... Read more >

Aspen & Denver

USA | Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | Views [386] | Comments [1]

No bear last night after all. Oh well. This morning, Crayton and I went above Aspen to the Maroon Bells. This short ride took us up into a very picturesque valley below two 14ers. I have included some photos. We took a mile or so hike up the valley ... Read more >

Gallery: Aspen & Denver

USA | Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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USA | Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | Views [325] | Comments [2]

We pulled out of our relatively new Fairfield in Gillette, filled up on the only cheap gas I have seen up here, 3.79 (most has been 3.99-4.05) and went south on Hwy 59. As expected, the terrain was vast and mostly grasslands. Between Gillette and Douglas ... Read more >

Gallery: RMNP Plus

USA | Thursday, 19 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Theo Roosevelt NP & Devils Tower

USA | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Views [409] | Comments [2]

The answer to Crayton’s question of what did the buffalo hunters want the tongue for? To eat of course. Bison tongue is considered a delicacy. I’ll stick with sushi. Crayton is a trooper. He is hanging in pretty good. He was understandably timid about ... Read more >

Gallery: T Roosevelt & Devils Tower

USA | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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From Hail to Heaven on Earth

USA | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Views [311] | Comments [2]

Another Great Day started out at 6AM with a thunderstorm and waking to the patter of rain on the tent fly. Crayton snoozed until 7AM when the rain turned to hail. We stayed warm and dry though. We did try to take a picture of the pea size hail and I ... Read more >

Gallery: Dakotas

USA | Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Rushmore

USA | Monday, 16 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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