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My Glass is Melting! Fun Times in a Swedish Ice Bar

SWEDEN | Thursday, 5 August 2010 | Views [1835]

I showed up at the Absolut Vodka Ice Bar in Stockholm with no expectations. I basically saw it on the list of attractions and thought, this looks cool. I paid $30 USD for my entrance and first beverage (sigh….this is Sweden for you) and was taken into a room full of these heavy, poofy cloaks to wear. The furry hoods were massive, as were the thick gloves that you were required to wear. I took a look at them and asked, “Um….is this required?” the man replies “oh yeah, we don’t want your body heat melting the walls of the bar, do we?” So I bulked up in all this warmth and was whisked into a magical ice bar wonderland. Everything was ice - including the actual bar, the stools, the tables, and the walls. There were art designs carved into the glass, such as this really intricate looking jellyfish. The walls glowed an eerie blue in the dim lighting. It is seriously one of the coolest places I have ever been. And I sure was glad to be wearing that coat! I felt the cold air hit my face and numb my nose which had already turned red. I went up to the bar with my friend Andrew and ordered my included drink. There was a nice selection of mixed Absolut drinks. I selected a delightful peach and caramel alcohol creation that was served to me in a container made entirely of ice. My lips were literally melting the cup as I drank the concoction. In turn, my lips were turning numb as I drank my drink! At this moment my feet were starting to turn a bit numb as well….seeing that I was only wearing flip flops! I looked around at the great ambiance. Everyone was laughing and having a great time in this ice cave. Some people whom I am assuming had too much to drink were dancing around the bar, flapping their capes in time with each other. It was a fun sight to see. When it was time to leave I felt buzzed - not from my drink but from the fun and adrenaline rush of the whole situation. So, if you are ever in Stockholm - hit up the ice bar!

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