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Self-Made Tour Group

ECUADOR | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [1017]

I had been corresponding with a guy (Hemal) on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree, a great resource and networking internet site for travelers.  He and his wife are also interested in doing a trek in the Quilotoa Loop.  We decided to try to meet up at the bus station ... Read more >

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Paradise Gardens

PANAMA | Friday, 19 Oct 2007 | Views [1178]

There are some people doing really good work in Panama. In particular, Paul and Jenny Saban, who have recently moved to Boquete from Europe, toil each day to create the beautiful gardens, they call Paradise Gardens. These are no ordinary gardens..... Read more >

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"La Otra"

GUATEMALA | Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [724]

Naya, our fabulous cook, is also a comedian.  Half of what she says I can't fully understand, because I don't have an expansive set of vocabulary words committed to memory.  She has, however, taken a special liking to Darrin, probably because he's spent ... Read more >

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Hanging with the Locals

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 | Views [1015]

The Peace Cafe is the hip spot in Dalat to socialize with the locals.  it's also a main meeting point for the Easy Riders.  We sped hours at the cafe over many beers, learning about how these Southern Vietnamese guys feel about the war, and how they feel ... Read more >

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Inspirational Women Helping Women & Children

NEPAL | Wednesday, 2 May 2007 | Views [2315] | Comments [1]

I am humbled today, as I spent the day with two women who took their time to share with me their world here in Nepal. First, I must mention, that these women understand and have sought to rise above the cultural and societal barriers to women in Nepal.... Read more >

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Walking Amongst Magical Friends & Celebrities

INDIA | Saturday, 7 Apr 2007 | Views [1404]

We have been truly fortunate to have met some genuine, wonderful friends along our path in India. Sandeep and Archana are an amazing couple that we met at during a hike in the Wayanad Sanctuary. THey are both professional "RJ's" or radio jockeys as ... Read more >

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Circus Fest

INDIA | Friday, 16 Mar 2007 | Views [851]

It’s like the movie “Ground Hog Day” here, same good day over and over again.   Early to rise, a run on the beach heading north up to Arambol, before the locals start burning their brush which stings the lungs to inhale; watching the morning beach ... Read more >

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Different Country, Same Problems

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007 | Views [747]

People we meet along the way during our prior travels tend to comment on obesity and fast pace/fast food culture of Americans.   They refer to their travels to the US , and seeing a large proportion of overweight people.   Well folks, an article ... Read more >

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