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SPAIN | Wednesday, 11 February 2009 | Views [482] | Comments [3]

The difference between Porto and Madrid is, they both have pastries on every corner, but Madrid also has McDonald´s, burger king, and fried food shops too.

Arrived this morning by train, an all nighter. It is kind of a rip off, the Eurail thing. They add fees and fees so in the end it´s ridiculous. A canadian couple I met in Porto were also coming to Madrid today, but they found it was cheaper to fly. And here we all are, at the hostel Musas Residencias. It is, I admit, a shifty neighborhood. In fact, without dinner plans I think I need to run now to the supermarket to get some food before it´s too dark. There are some canadians whose trip was stalled because one was alone in the dark the other night and his passport was stolen. Oh well... I guess I won´t carry my phone, or my passport, when I go out. Just my room key.

So far today I just walked and walked, through the main park and a few streets. Apparently Tuesday is an off day for many stores, because evvery Ferracaria was closed - that´s the electrical appliance store, I think, which is what I´m looking for for a universal charger.

My ipod is key. The sleeping bag; not so key. At least not so far, and I know I´m only three hostels in. I ditched one sweater too, and only just yesterday found the perfect three-layer combo for the mild conditions - tank top, light wool sweater, jacket liner. Add a drifit hat and I´m good for rain. (I´m considering ditching my rain coat and/or rainpants. They pack up pretty well, but with my hat and my Perfect Outfit, what rain I´ve been in hasn´t been a problem for warmth.) 

Madrid has more runners. And more people who wear sunglasses - in Portugal, not a lot of sunglasses. And only a few runners, seen in Lisbon not Porto.

I just realized I will have a hard time posting pictures to my blog. It requires an applicatin that all the hostel computers won´t have, and I´m too lazy to do it all. But, the picture I would post here for you is the pastry shop windows, taken specifically with Matt and Doug in mind.

Just two nights at this hostel, and then I´ll probably move on, thinking south to Sevilla. I heard Grenada is not too friendly. I also got talked out of Brussels by a Belgian guy, and definitely into Berlin by many people. I´m not into allll the touristy stuff, and moving feels better than staying right now.


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ferreteria = hardware store

  DJ Feb 11, 2009 12:29 PM


re: pastry photos-- canas de cabello = "hairy sticks (canes)"; donut azucar "sugar donut"; empanadillo de manzana = "(little) apple pies"

  DJ Feb 11, 2009 12:55 PM


J-tina- I still hold that the sleeping bag could have merit at some point. Same with a rain coat, particularly if you find yourself in the scottish highlands. Don't be that person that cuts a hole in a garbage bag and pulls it over their head. Hat- cool, garbage bag- no so much.

  RZT Feb 14, 2009 12:39 PM



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